How do you get gold in Stronghold Kingdoms?

You can earn gold when you pillage other player’s parish and more. Whenever possible, always go for gold raids that can be lucrative in gold making. Hit the players that you know are weak and full with gold, player farming can prove to be one of the best gold making method in the game of Stronghold Kingdoms.

How do you get more gold in Stronghold Crusader?

in fact, How do you get more gold in Stronghold Crusader? ALT + C unlocks all missions. ALT + K lets you build for free. ALT + X increases your gold….Cheat List

  1. Alt, K: Free building – no resources required.
  2. Alt, X: 100 popularity and adds 1000 gold.
  3. Alt, D: Enter debug mode.

What should I research first in Stronghold Kingdoms?

Before you start researching theology make sure you research both your granary and stockpile up 2 or 3 levels each. You want to start placing churches etc. as soon they become available but they are very costly so you will need to expand your stockpiles to have enough resource to place them.

How do you use Stronghold Crusader cheats?

Enter the following codes in the game.

  1. ALT + X – Increases popularity by 100 and money by 1000.
  2. ALT + C – Cycle characters or unlocks all missions.
  3. ALT + K – Destroy enemy fortress.
  4. ALT + Z – Destroy selected enemy.
  5. ALT + G – Destroy main stronghold.
  6. ALT + D – Engage debug mode.
  7. ALT + P – Increase character’s level.

How do you sell items in Stronghold Kingdoms?

(1) In the World Map screen, with one of your villages selected, choose the village with which you wish to trade, and click send resources. This will take you into the trading screen, where you can select the good(s) you wish to send, and the amount. Once this is done, click send.

How do you play strong hold?

Game Play. Stronghold is divided into 7 Turns. Each Turn consists of a series of actions by both players and at the end of the turn, there is an Assault. If the Invader manages to break the defenses on at least one Wall section, the Invader has breached the Stronghold, the game ends immediately, the Invader wins.

How do I get more peasants in Stronghold Kingdoms?

How do I make more peasants? You can attract more peasants to your village by placing hovels. The closer to the village hall you place the hovel, the the greater the housing capacity will be, bringing more peasants into your village. You can also research housing to improve the capacity of each hovel.

How do you hack strongholds?

Is there a merchant in the stronghold?

These are usually obtained from Merchants visiting your Stronghold, so be on the lookout for them….Fast Stronghold XP Farm.

Merchant Tago Crafting Recipe: NACT-1 Counter
Merchant Tago Crafting Recipe: Urr’s Tree Bench
Merchant Tago Crafting Recipe: Awning