How do you get Resident Evil 5 to work on PC?

Fix 1: Scan and repair your game files

  1. Go to your steam library, right-click Resident Evil 5 and select Properties.
  2. In the left menu, select LOCAL FILES. Then click Verify integrity of game files.
  3. Wait until the checking completes. Then you can try to start the game.

Where is the key in Resident Evil 5?

Do not shoot out the lock. Instead, work your way to the back end of the house and vault through the window. Then, look at the corpse hanging from the ceiling. Shoot down the keychain attached to the corpse and acquire it.

How do you use the knife in Resident Evil 5 PC?

Ready Weapon – Right Click. Ready Knife – Space. Quick Slash – T. Attack (with weapon ready) – left Click.

How do I fix my Resident Evil 5 save game?

So try this:

  1. Right click on the Resident Evil 5 launch icon.
  2. Select Proberties.
  3. Select tab Compatibility.
  4. Mark the option for “Run this program as administrator”
  5. Press OK and try and launch the game now.

How do you invite friends on re5 PC?

How can I invite friends? would like to play the entire campaign with a friend. Once in game bring up the in game steam interface and click on your friend and choose invite to game.

Where is the shotgun in Resident Evil 5?

The M3 (SG) is the second shotgun made available to players in Resident Evil 5. It can be found in Chapter 3-3 in a case in the second dock area. If missed, it can be purchased in Chapter 4-1 and onwards. To start, the M3 has a firepower of 300, a reload speed of 3.00 seconds, and a capacity of 5 shells.

How much damage does the knife do re5?

Compared to its RE4 counterpart, the knife does very little damage – it’s a bit slower than the knife from the previous game and it only deals 50 damage per strike, similar to an un-upgraded VZ61, . The Majini’s are also heavily armed with large kukri knives, and axes.

How much damage does the knife do in Resident Evil village?

By default, the knife’s power is 50. This cannot be changed in Story Mode, but its damage can be altered via abilities in The Mercenaries.

Can you still play RE5 online?

The entire Resident Evil 5 campaign supports two player, drop-in/drop-out co-op either locally (i.e., couch co-op), or online. Co-op is also supported in the story DLC, “Lost in Nightmares” and “Desperate Escape.” Additionally, two player local or online co-op is supported in the “Mercenaries United” mode.