How do you get Shadow of Revan for free?

To celebrate the anniversary of Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR), BioWare is giving all SWTOR players a chance to play all the way up to level 60 for free by activating the special promo code “REVANSFATE” at after you have logged in to your account.

Is Shadow of Revan all flashpoints?

Shadow of Revan introduces two new worlds, Rishi and Yavin 4, as well as two new Flashpoints, two new Operations, and four Hard Mode Flashpoints. It focuses on the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic’s joint efforts to defeat the Order of Revan and the returned Revan, whose plans affect the entire galaxy.

Can I skip Shadow of Revan?

Yes, SoR is like most of the story: skippable, but with losses and no option to retry later. Notably a title tailored to your class that can be obtanied only thgough Shadow of Revan (Jedi Knight gets Jedi Battlemaster, Sith Warrior gets Empire’s Wrath, and so on) and the last class mission in the game.

How long does it take to complete shadow of Revan?

around 10-14 Hours
I completed it already. But I have made a rough estimate (If you are casually taking breaks like I was and stuff) The entire Shadow of Revan story line (Prelude to the end) Takes around 10-14 Hours. If you are speed running obviously around 7.

What is max level in swtor free?

level 60
Free-to-play players can no longer level up once they reach level 60, which means they do not have access to the current level-75 endgame gear, and they do not have a true track when it comes to upgrading or progressing their gear.

Does Disney own swtor?

disney doesn’t own swtor…. EA and Bioware do so the answer to your question is no… because they have no power over this game.

Can I do flashpoints solo?

Story Flashpoints can be entered alone or in a group – they exist to see the story, and give you a special droid that will help you during fights.

Can you skip Shadow of Revan Prelude?

yes you can skip it and go directly to Rishi and talk to just about anyone to start the ‘Revan’ Mission line..

Is Oricon after Makeb?

Oricon can reasonably be considered a ‘core’ story arc too, set between Makeb and Forged Alliances, but be aware it requires running two Operations (Dread Fortress & Dread Palace) to complete the quest line (basically, it works as a stand-alone story even if you make it your character’s only involvement in the Dread …

Can I skip KotFE?

You could already skip KotFE 😉 Now you can skip KOTET and beyond! Sure you can, but you’ll need to make those decisions yourself then, or decide it’s not really important to their backstory and continue.

How long are the SWTOR DLCS?

1.5 hours per operation + 2 flashpoints at 30 minutes each. I’d say around 15 hours content overall. All story + side missions take ~8 hours.