How do you get the awaiting input in The Stanley Parable?

Go to 434, around the first part of the office, and click on the computer….Awaiting Input

  1. Go to the Two Doors Room.
  2. Enter the door on the left.
  3. Go up the staircase.
  4. Click on the PC before entering the Boss’s Office.

What happens if you press all the buttons in the heaven ending?

Heaven is a room where if the player completes all five Awaiting Input computers, the player will be teleported to the Heaven Ending. There is a choir saying “push the buttons” repeatedly. The Narrator, though, is not present.

How do you type in The Stanley Parable?

Enabling the Console

  1. Open up your Steam library.
  2. Right click The Stanley Parable and click Properties.
  3. Select Launch Options. In the text box that appears, type -console (or -dev console)
  4. Launch the game as normal.

Can you stop the nuke in Stanley Parable?

The Countdown Ending, also known as the Explosion Ending and the Bomb Ending, is the ending that occurs when you do everything the Narrator tells you to do, but choose to engage the machine in the Mind Control Facility instead of turning it off. This activates the nuclear self destruct which explodes and kills Stanley.

How do you get the 88888 achievement?

Achievements. The achievement 88888888 requires the player to input the number 8 eight times into the keypad in the Boss’s Office. Later, the voice in the Eight Game saying same EIGHT sound will be heard. If you keep pressing it later on, the Narrator will get angry and will open the passage for you.

Does the elevator in Stanley Parable go anywhere?

Afterwards, the elevator will begin to whir, shake and play elevator music, as if it were really moving, although the elevator does not actually go anywhere, and instead leads back to where it started.

How do you get the serious ending in The Stanley Parable?

Obtaining The Ending Launch the game, then type sv_cheats 1 to be teleported to the Serious Room.

How do you do the cheats at the end of The Stanley Parable?

Can you stop the detonation in Stanley Parable?