How do you get the UN medal?

Most countries bestow this award for any action in which a member of the military participated in a joint UN activity. In situations where a service member participated in multiple UN operations, service stars, campaign clasps, or award numbers are authorized as attachments to the United Nations Medal.

How are UN peacekeepers chosen?

Appointment of senior officials. The Secretary-General normally appoints a Head of Mission (usually a Special Representative) to direct the peacekeeping operation. The Head of Mission reports to the Under-Secretary-General for Peace Operations at the UN Headquarters.

Who among the following is the recipient of UN Peace medal?

Corporal Yuvraj Singh, civilian peacekeeper Ivan Michael Picardo, and Moolchand Yadav are among those to be honoured with the UN’s prestigious medal.

What is the criteria for an MSM?

It is awarded to a member of the military of the Armed Forces of the United States for having set him or herself apart from his/her comrades by outstanding non-combat meritorious achievement or service to the United States after 16 January 1969.

Who can be awarded an MSM?

To be awarded the MSM, an individual must have “good, faithful, valuable and meritorious service, with conduct judged to be irreproachable throughout”.

Can I wear my medals at a funeral?

Other ceremonial events that you can wear medals at include parades, military presentations, general veterans or military meetings, and funerals. You should only wear medals on civilian clothes when those clothes are still formal attire. Do not wear medals on casual civilian clothes, even during a military event.

What is the full-size UN Cyprus medal?

Full-Size UN Cyprus Medal – The United Nations Force in Cyprus Medal – Awarded for 3 months’ service with the Mission, keeping peace between Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

What is a United Nations Medal?

The medal is ranked in militaries and police forces as a service medal. The United Nations awarded its first medal during the Korean War (1950–1953). Since 1955, many additional United Nations medals have been created and awarded for participation in various United Nations missions and actions around the world.

What was the mandate of the United Nations in Cyprus?

Since the hostilities of 1974, the mandate has included supervising the cease-fire and maintaining a buffer zone between the lines of the Cyprus National Guard and of the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot forces. Awarded for 30 days service between 27 March 1964 and 27 March 1965.

Why was the UN mission to Cyprus established?

In the interest of international peace and security, the Mission was established in March 1964 to use its best efforts to prevent the recurrence of fighting between the Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots and, as necessary, to contribute to the maintenance and restoration of law and order and a return to normal conditions.