How do you get through Chargestone Cave in Pokémon White 2?

To the East is a Hyper Potion in a small corner. Continue delving into the cave. Two floating stones will be blocking your path ahead. Push the top stone to the left, and push the bottom stone down.

How do you push the rocks in Chargestone Cave?

Use Fire Type attacks against Steel Pokemon and Water or Fighting Type attacks against Rock. Those pesky Joltik are weak against both Fire and Rock. Remember, you can use Dig to escape the cave and heal at the nearby house on Route 6 at any time!

Why can’t I get through Chargestone Cave?

In Black 2 and White 2, part of the cave is inaccessible due to Bianca and a Worker blocking the way due to the bridge ahead being down, and repairs don’t finish until the player has participated in the Pokémon World Tournament and defeated the Team Plasma Grunts on the Plasma Frigate just south of PWT.

How do I open the Chargestone Cave?

In Black and White, the cave is initially blocked off by a Galvantula web. After defeating Clay, the player will meet him here, where he will remove the web with his Krokorok and give the player TM78 (Bulldoze).

Is there a legendary Pokémon in Chargestone Cave?

Cobalion (Chargestone Cave) This is the Mistraltion cave. Go straight until you find an old man. He will tell you about these three legendary Pokemons. Later at the end, you will find Cobalion.

How do you beat N in Chargestone Cave?

Fighting N in Chargestone Cave Use Water, Grass, Fighting or Ground moves against Boldore. N also has an L28 Ferroseed that knows Metal Claw, Pin Missile, Gyro Ball, and Iron Defense. Being a Steel/Grass pokémon, it is super-weak to Fire.

Is there a legendary Pokemon in Chargestone Cave?

How do you get Cobalion in Pokemon Black 2?

You can catch Cobalion once you receive Surf from Alder. He gives it to you after you have defeated Skyla and defeated Cheren near Twist Mountain. From Route 6, you can surf to reach Mistralton Cave, which contains the Guidance Chamber where Cobalion is hiding.

How do I move Bianca in Chargestone Cave?

Explore Chargestone Cave. Just north of the entrance to the cave you see Bianca. Go up to her. She explains that you can push some of the floating stones toward the electric rocks.

How do I get through Mistralton cave?

It can be accessed by using Surf from Route 6; in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, Mistralton Cave can also be accessed via the Clay Tunnel’s western terminus. Flash is needed to fully illuminate the cave….Guidance Chamber.

Pokémon Boldore
Games W2
Location Cave
Levels 27-28