How do you make sun prints on fabric?


  1. Make Paint. Dilute the paint with water at a 1:1 paint to water ratio.
  2. Wet the Fabric. Wet the fabric in a bowl of water and squeeze it out until it is no longer dripping.
  3. Paint the fabric with a big paintbrush.
  4. Press the leaves and flowers.
  5. Place in the sun.
  6. Remove leaves.
  7. Set the paint.

How do you use Dye-Na-Flow?

Simply apply to pre-washed fabric with a brush, squirt bottle, sponge, or airbrush. Let dry. Iron fabric for 3 minutes on dry setting appropriate or fabric. Wash in cool water with Synthrapol and rinse.

What do you need for sun printing?

  1. Collect a selection of leaves and flowers.
  2. Arrange your plants on the construction paper according to your artistic tastes.
  3. Use thin strips of tape to secure your plants on the paper.
  4. Tape your paper onto a window, with the plants facing outwards.
  5. Leave the paper in the Sun for a few hours.

How do you make a fabric cyanotype?

Weigh the fabric you want to scour then take 10% of that weight in soda ash(washing soda) and dissolve in 40 times that weight in water (1ml = 1g). Simmer the silk in the solution for 30 minutes. Allow to cool then rinse VERY well, adding a splash of vinegar to the final rinse if you live in a hard water area.

How do you make Sun Color Paint?

In the top window, I used three different yellows, gradating from deep orange yellow, to yellow to green yellow and then back to yellow and a deep orange yellow. In the bottom window, I did the same thing but added a lot of white to the green yellow in the middle. Notice how this creates a greater glow.

Can you dye fabric with acrylic ink?

You can use acrylic fabric inks on any fabric that works with fabric paints: cotton and cotton/poly blend quilting fabric, flannel, quilt batting, rayon, linen, canvas, silk, organza, Timtex®, and Lutradur®, cotton knits, suede, terry cloth, velvet, velveteen, leather, and most synthetic fabrics.

How do you dilute Na flow dye?

You can dilute it with water and tie-dye using squirt bottles and then set the paint in a commercial dryer or with an iron. Really nice effects and it’s fast and easy. Water based and non-toxic.

Is Sun paper cyanotype?

Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that uses the sun to create wonderful cyan-blue prints.

How does Sun printing work?

The sun print paper is coated with a photo-sensitive chemical which reacts in light. The photo-sensitive paper turns pale blue when exposed to light. Water stops the chemical process and fixes the shadows of the objects on the sun print paper.