How do you maximize physical therapy billing?

Ten Ways Physical Therapists Can Maximize Billing

  1. Set goals. As a therapist, you’ve got a lot of experience in the goal-setting department.
  2. Track your progress.
  3. Increase efficiency.
  4. Educate yourself and your staff.
  5. Clean up your claims.
  6. Digitize.
  7. Know your payer mix.
  8. Keep an eye on cash flow.

What CPT codes can physical therapists bill?

Physical Therapy Evaluation CPT Codes

  • 97161 CPT Code Description. CPT 97161 can be used for physical therapy evaluation.
  • 97162 CPT Code Description. CPT 97162 can can be reported for physical therapy evaluation.
  • 97163 CPT Code Description.
  • 97164 CPT Code Description.
  • 97140 CPT Code Physical Therapy.

Can physical therapist Bill E&M codes?

For evaluations/re-evaluations, physical therapists should use CPT code 97001 and CPT code 97002, and occupational therapists should use CPT code 97003 and CPT code 97004. For evaluation/re- evaluations physician/NPP should report the appropriate E&M code.

Which procedure code is used when billing an initial evaluation for PT?

Three codes — 97161, 97162, and 97163 — are used for physical therapy evaluation.

How many therapy units is 40 minutes?

3 units
Appropriate billing for 40 minutes is for 3 units.

What can physical therapists bill for?

Physical therapists can bill for:

  • Telehealth.
  • Evaluation and Treatment on the Same Day.
  • Therapeutic Massage.
  • Maintenance Therapy.
  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
  • One-on-One Services in a Group.
  • Student-Led Services.
  • Dry Needling.

How do you charge physical therapy units?

8-minute rule scenarios First for any service provided for at least 15 minutes you must bill 1 unit. Sometimes that’s easy: if you provide 15 minutes of Therapeutic Exercise you bill 1 unit of that code, 30 minutes of Neuromuscular Re-education is 2 units of that code.

How does billing work in physical therapy?

How Does Therapy Billing Work?

  • A bill is submitted to the patient, third-party payer directly, or a ‘claims clearinghouse’ that prepares the bill.
  • The claims clearinghouse will submit the bill to the payer.
  • Copayments are collected at the time of service.

Can a physical therapist bill for documentation time?

1. Documentation Time. As amazing as this would be, unfortunately, physical therapists cannot bill for the time they spend documenting.

Can you bill 3 units in 30 minutes?

According to the chart you can bill 3 units again based on total time. Your bill would need to have 2 units of therapeutic exercises which equals 30 minutes with 2 minutes remainder.

What are CPT codes and how do physical therapists Bill?

Current procedural terminology (CPT) codes are used to designate services provided by healthcare professionals. We physical therapists receive compensation for our services depending on how we bill using these CPT codes. If we don’t properly bill for our services provided, we could be losing out on valuable income.

What are CPT codes and how do they work?

A healthcare provider encodes all of the services performed into a medical bill using these CPT codes. When the bill reaches the insurance provider, they decode these so that it makes sense in the insurance world.

Can I Bill for any code I want?

However, you can bill any code that best represents the service you provide as long as you can legally provide that service under state law. Be forewarned, though: just because you can legally bill for a code doesn’t automatically mean that a payer will reimburse you for it.