How do you professionally respond to an apology?

What to include in an apology email response

  1. Acknowledging the apology.
  2. Moving past the issue.
  3. Expressing a desire for a better process or behavior.
  4. Concluding with a positive note.
  5. I accept your apology.
  6. I appreciate your sincere apology.
  7. Thank you for taking responsibility.
  8. Your apology is acknowledged.

How do you respond to a manager apology?

Making and Responding to Apologies

  1. Expression of apology (Sorry./I’m sorry./I’m very sorry./I’m really sorry about that.)
  2. Acknowledgment of responsibility (That’s definitely on me./That’s my mistake./You’re right./It’s totally my fault.)

How do you respond when someone apologizes in an email?

“Thank you for your email. I did not deem the incident to be issue, but it is heartwarming to know that you care and took time out to say sorry. Apologies very much accepted. All is cool….Short and sweet is good.

  1. I accept your apology.
  2. I hold no grudge.
  3. Thank you for apolo…

How do you respond to polite way?

  1. That sounds great, thank you!
  2. Great Plan, looking forward do it!
  3. Okay that sounds great to me, let me know if anything changes in the mean time.
  4. Perfect! Thank you for your work on this!
  5. Okay that sounds great! See you then!
  6. Okay, that works for me. Thanks again!
  7. Okay, thank you for letting me know.
  8. Okay, I agree.

How do you accept an apology without saying it’s OK?

Instead I say, “I appreciate your apology,” or “Thanks for acknowledging that, I was really hurt.” It’s a way to accept or acknowledge the apology but also to communicate that the offense was wrong.

How do we respond to an apology in informal setting?

The appropriate response to an apology can be “Thank you” and/or “I forgive you,” or “I accept your apology.” And the appropriate social response to that can be “You’re welcome” or “Thank you.”

Do you have to accept an apology?

When people in your life make the same mistakes over and over again and continually apologize before going and doing it again, you don’t necessarily have to accept the apology. Ranger says that altering your behavior to stop doing the same thing again is the best way to say that you’re really sorry.

How do you say professionally OK?


  1. agreeable,
  2. all right,
  3. alright,
  4. copacetic.
  5. (also copasetic or copesetic),
  6. ducky,
  7. fine,
  8. good,

What is another way to say apology accepted?

What is another word for accept apology?

bury the hatchet be reconciled
forgive hold out the olive branch
let bygones be bygones make a peace offering
smoke the peace pipe wipe slate clean
pardon excuse

How do you politely not accept an apology?

You can also tell them that you appreciate the apology, but you’re not yet ready to accept it.

  1. For instance, if you don’t feel like their apology was good enough, you could say something like, “No, I can’t accept your apology.
  2. Or, “Thanks for apologizing, but I’m still really upset and I’m not ready to forgive you yet.

Is accepting an apology the same as forgiving?

Apology involves acknowledging one’s fault and expressing regret and remorse over it. Forgiveness involves letting go of the anger and resentment towards the person who wronged you. Apology is expressed by the wrongdoer. Forgiveness is given by the person wronged.