How do you say basic phrases in Portuguese?

Top 10 Portuguese phrases and sentences you need to know

  1. Bom dia. = Good morning.
  2. Boa tarde. = Good afternoon.
  3. Meu nome é Mondly. = My name is Mondly.
  4. Muito prazer em conhecê-lo. = I’m pleased to meet you.
  5. Como vai você? = How are you?
  6. Bem, obrigada. E você?
  7. Gostaria de uma cerveja. = I’d like a beer.
  8. Desculpe.

Is Brazilian Portuguese a hard language to learn?

But, how hard is Brazilian Portuguese to learn? The truth is that much like other romance languages, for an English speaker, Brazilian Portuguese is quite easy. Vocabulary – There are lots of words with borrowed Latin roots making the vocabulary similar to French, Spanish and Italian.

Do I say Obrigado or Obrigada?

Unlike in a lot of other languages, however, the word for “thank you” in Portuguese changes depending on who is saying it. So, if you’re a male, you say obrigado, and if you’re a female, you say obrigada – regardless of who you’re talking to.

How long does it take to learn Portuguese fluently?

According to the FSI list, mastering Portuguese to a fluent level takes the same amount of time as Spanish, with 600 hours of study during six months.

Is Brazilian Portuguese easy for English speakers?

Also a romance language, Portuguese is widely spoken around the world and relatively easy for English-speakers to learn.

What are some simple Brazilian Portuguese phrases?

– Onde está a estação de trem? – “Where is the train station?” (Brazilian Portuguese) – Onde está a estação de comboio? – “Where is the train station?” (European Portuguese) – Onde está o banheiro? – “Where is the bathroom?” (Brazilian Portuguese) – Onde está a casa de banho? – Onde está o ponto de ônibus? – Onde está a parada de autocarro?

What are some Brazilian Portuguese words?

In Brazil,vowels are pronounced with a more open (longer and wider) sound than in Portugal (which is in Europe ),where less emphasis is placed on vowels.

  • For words that end in “s,” the/s/sound is pronounced in Brazil.
  • In European Portuguese,language formality is emphasized more than in Brazil.
  • Why you should learn Brazilian Portuguese?

    Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar: A Practical Guide By John Whitlam.

  • Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar Workbook.
  • Talking Brazilian: A Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation Workbook By Mario Perini.
  • A Frequency Dictionary of Portuguese By Mark Davies.
  • 30 Days To Brazilian Portuguese: Strategy Guide By Rashad Alaun
  • What are some common Brazilian sayings?

    What are some common Brazilian sayings? Tudo bem? Photo by Rodrigo Solon “How’s it going?” (lit. Oí,árbitro! Cadê o penalty? Não,não posso faze-lo. Legal “Cool.” One of the most useful slang words in the Portuguese language,you can use legal to describe a whole host of things.