How do you set up a futon frame?

Assemble the frame by connecting the stretchers to the arms. It will be easier to fit the slats in if the connection is a little loose. Repeat this process until the screws are connecting both stretchers to both arms through each hole. The stretchers connected to the arms makes up the frame of the futon.

How do you close a metal futon?

Closing a Bifold Futon Make sure there are no blankets or bedding that can catch in the futon hinges or hinder the mattress from folding in half. Grab the bar at the end of the bed. Lift up and push toward the base of the futon. The futon should glide into a closed position.

How do you assemble a futon from Walmart?

Simply add the service to your cart, check out, and will email you to pick a time and date for a pro to get your project done right. The Futon Assembly service includes: Assembly of one customer-supplied futon per product instructions. Does not include removal of old product.

How do you unfold a futon?

  1. Move the futon away from the wall to give it clearance.
  2. Stand between the wall and the frame and pull out the portion of the back “A” that is closest to you.
  3. Continue to pull and lift; the frame should begin to unfold.

How do you set up a Japanese futon?

Laying Out a Futon

  1. Look at the items provided.
  2. Next lay the oblong mattress (shikibuton) on top of the bottom layer or directly on the tatami.
  3. Spread the flat sheet (shiitsu) on top of the shikibuton.
  4. Lay the soft comforter (kakebuton) on top of the sheet-covered shikibuton.
  5. There is a fitted sheet for the kakebuton.

How do you unfold a metal futon?

Traditionally, a futon has one or two pull handles located at the front base. Grab the handle and pull it towards you. Slowly walk backwards so that the bed can unfold without causing injury. Let the futon bed gently unfold, allowing it to rest against the base.

How do you unlock a futon?

Grab the bar, handle or base directly under the seat. Some bifolds will have a latch with the handle, so make sure it’s unlatched. Gripping tightly, pull up slightly and then pull towards you while taking a step backward. Stop when the futon mattress is flat.

What are the characteristics of good Futon instructions?

Some futon instructions can also be poorly written and have poor diagrams. Quality futon instructions have clear diagrams and a logical sequence printed so that most users can easily build their futons.

Can you bring a futon frame to a dealer?

If you are missing no parts, than the futon technician will assemble your futon for you. Other futon dealers will require you to bring your futon frame to them where they can build the futon in house. It is usually best to call a futon dealer before picking up your futon frame and hauling it to their shop.

Where can I get my Futon serviced?

If your futon’s major parts are completely unique from the futon directions posted here, Futon Planet recommends you consult a professional futon dealer in your local area. Some futon dealers, such as Futon Planet, will make a service call to your home for a nominal fee.

Are all Futon companies the same?

Often, futon companies are very similar in the way they construct their futons. Although futon quality will vary from one manufacturer to the next, these futon and other furniture instruction booklets should give you a good starting point.