How do you spell Samantha in different languages?


  1. Arabic: سمانثا (Samantha)
  2. Albanian: Samanthë, Samantë
  3. Armenian: Սամանթա (Samant’a), Սամանտա (Samanta)
  4. Belarusian: Саманта (Samanta)
  5. Bulgarian: Саманта (Samanta)
  6. Chinese Simplified: 萨曼莎 (Sàmànshā)
  7. Chinese Traditional: 薩曼莎 (Sàmànshā)
  8. Dutch: Samantha.

Can names change in different languages?

Each language has its own set of sounds and a writing system to accompany them. When words or names from a different language are introduced, they often have to be altered in order to fit into the existing set of sounds of the language. This happens even with personal names.

What is the Spanish name for Samantha?

Samantha Samanta
in en dentro de
Spanish el español

What does Samantha mean in Greek?

Samantha means “name of God”, “God has heard” or “asked of God” (from Samuel) and “flower” (from ancient Greek “ánthos/ᾰ̓́νθος”).

How do you say Samantha in German?

Names are not translated….German translation: Samantha.

Summary of answers provided
4 +5 Samantha MandyT
2 +2 die Hörende, Zuhörende, Gehorchende Martina Frey

Is Samantha an Arabic name?

Samantha is Arabic/Muslim Girl name and meaning of this name is “Equality, Lord has Heard”.

What is a good nickname for Samantha?


Amzy Sammie Yo
Samangray Samzy
Samba Sand-Man
Sameena Sandy
Samia Savannah

What is the name Samantha in Spanish?

What does Samantha mean in Latin?

Samantha may sound like some anthem to many, but it means ‘heard of God.’ It is the feminine of Samuel.

How to pronounce the name Samantha?

It is pronounced as Saa-M AE N-THaa †. Samantha’s language of origin is English. It is predominantly used in English, French, and German. The name is of disputed origin; it most likely evolved from the combination of Sam with an invented feminine suffix ‘-antha’, perhaps under the influence of Anthea.

When did the name Samantha become popular?

The name increased in popularity from the 1960s up to the 1990s. Its usage peaked in 1991 with 1.262% of baby girls being named Samantha. It was #5 in rank then.

What are the different languages of name translation?

Name translation in different languages like Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian, Welsh, Slovak, German, Czech and many more languages. How to Pronounce Samantha in Swedish? How to pronounce Swedish names.