How do you use an old Schumacher battery charger?

How to Use a Schumacher SE Battery Charger

  1. Identify the polarity of the terminals of the battery to be charged.
  2. Plug the charger into a 120 volt grounded electrical outlet and select the proper charge settings based on the type and size battery being charged.

How long does it take for a Schumacher charger to charge a battery?

6 Amp Medium Charge – for most everyday charging needs. Charges in 6 to 8 hours. 2 Amp Trickle Charge – charges a small 12 volt battery in 2 to 12 hours.

How do you know if Schumacher battery charger is working?

How to Troubleshoot a Schumacher Battery Charger

  1. Jiggle the clips and rock the clips backwards and forwards if there’s no meter reading.
  2. Try a different AC power outlet if the charger won’t turn on when it’s connected.
  3. Allow the charging to continue for up to 20 minutes if the charger makes clicking noises.

What are the codes on a Schumacher battery charger?


SUL The charger has detected a sulfated battery.
b d b T F02 The charger cannot desulfate the battery.
b d b T F03 The battery was unable to reach the “full charge” voltage.
F04 The connections to the battery are reversed.

How long does it take a 6 amp charger to charge a 12 volt battery?

If your battery is fully drained, charging it at six amps will take: Eight to 10 hours to charge a small car battery of about 200 to 315 cold cranking amps (CCA) or reserve capacity (RC) 40 to 60. 10 to 12 hours to charge a mid-sized battery of 315 to 550 CCA or RC 60 to 85.

What does the red light mean on a Schumacher battery charger?

Re: schumacher battery trickle charger The green light indicates that the charger is plugged in to AC. The red light comes on when the battery reaches full charge. The red light will go on and off as the level of the battery drops and the charger resumes operation, but it does not nomally blink in a regular pattern.

What does F06 mean on a Schumacher battery charger?

Reverse Polarity
What does the fault code on my battery charger mean?

Fault Codes Meaning of Fault Code
F05 Overheated Condition – Disconnect charger and allow to cool for 30 minutes. Check for ample ventilation.
F06 Reverse Polarity
F07 Alternator Output is Out of Typical Operation Range

Why is my Schumacher battery charger not working?

If your Schumacher battery charger will not turn on while it is properly connected, you may need to replace you main power regulator board. Double check to make sure your connection is secure and that your battery is working properly before replacing a part.

What kind of battery does the Schumacher se-82-6 charge?

The Schumacher SE-82-6 dual rate manual automotive battery charger will recharge lead-acid type batteries: conventional and low maintenance, maintenance free, and deep cycle; such as those found in autos, trucks, tractors, airplanes, vans, RV, and golf carts. Unit features both a selector switch and a built-in ammeter.

What are Schumacher portable chargers made of?

Schumacher makes a wide variety of hand-held portable chargers to meet a wide variety of needs. The metal hand-held portable chargers are made with all steel cases coated with baked enamel finishes. There are chargers for 6, 12 and 24 volt battery systems.

Why choose Schumacher electric for battery charging?

Whether you need a battery charger for your automotive repair shop, home garage, or simply to keep handy in case of emergencies, the charging and maintaining products available from Schumacher Electric are designed to fit your needs.