How do you use not quite in a sentence?

“Is he 60?” “Not quite!”• He didn’t say it quite that way, but that’s what he meant. She hasn’t quite finished her homework yet. Later, they were not quite able to fathom this themselves; they sifted through the facts with grave purpose. The weather was not quite as nice as on our two previous trips, but it kept dry.

When can I use not yet?

“Not yet” is used to express that we intend to do a certain thing, but we have not done it yet. The expression “not yet” is mainly used in negatives and questions.

What does the phrase not yet mean?

Not for the moment
not yet (not comparable) Not for the moment, though expected later.

Which is correct not yet or not as yet?

“Not yet” is the correct answer because “yet” is a negative word which denotes something that will not happen and is hence used at the end of a phrase or sentence.

What is another word for not quite?

What is another word for not quite?

little barely
hardly scarcely
scantly just barely
only just by no means
no way negligibly

How do you use quite in a sentence?

Quite sentence example

  1. It is quite near the park gate.
  2. You’re growing into quite the young lady.
  3. He was getting to be quite a handsome young man.
  4. But she didn’t feel quite ready yet.
  5. I must have made quite a spectacle.
  6. That didn’t come out quite right.

Is not yet or has not yet?

Senior Member. In most contexts you could use either expression. As English says, both are grammatically correct and natural. A quick search shows that “He is / He’s not here yet” has about three times as many hits as “He has / He hasn’t come yet”, which doesn’t surprise me, but searches don’t mean everything.

Which word goes with not yet?

What is another word for not yet?

not as of yet not at this time
not now not right now
not so far not so soon
not thus far

Which is correct not yet decided or not decided yet?

not yet decided vs not decided yet. When stating only that a decision hasn’t been made, use “not decided yet.” When describing what decision hasn’t been made, use “not yet decided.”

What is the synonyms of quite?

In this page you can discover 55 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for quite, like: pretty, totally, truly, completely, more-or-less, entirely, perfectly, reasonably, well, wholly and limited.

How do you say not exactly?

synonyms for not exactly

  1. a little.
  2. fairly.
  3. quite.
  4. rather.
  5. reasonably.
  6. slightly.
  7. somewhat.
  8. passably.