How do you use yes finishing touch?

Place the FT Yes on skin and gently glide the head of the unit along skin in the opposite direction of hair growth at a 45° angle (NOT at a 90 angle) (see Image 4). DURING USE to avoid damage to skin or head of unit. Discontinue use if any skin irritation results.

Is finishing touch Yes An epilator?

Finishing Touch Yes Instant and Pain Free Hair Remover 2 in 1 Epilator Facial Body Depilator Shaver.

What is the Finishing Touch hair remover?

Details. Flawless by Finishing Touch Flawless – Instant and Painless Facial Hair Remover is the revolutionary new facial hair removal device that erases hair instantly and painlessly without the irritation that comes with plucking, waxing, or depilatories.

Can you use flawless hair removal on pubic area?

Flawless Bikini is discreet, portable, and removes unwanted hair from the bikini area INSTANTLY and PAIN FREE. No more nicks, cuts, irritation, razor bumps, or ingrown hairs. This beauty tool fits in your purse, beach bag, or suitcase, and is conveniently sized to fit in compact spaces like vanity drawers.

Does finishing touch flawless remove hair from the root?

It’s a rotary shaver with a single head. It’s not an epilator as it doesn’t remove hair by the roots. It cuts the hair at the skin surface.

Is yes finishing touch a razor?

5.0 out of 5 starsThe only razor you’ll ever need! Awesome, Eco Friendly! This is the best product for shaving ever! It works well, you can use for all hair anywhere on your body.

How do I change the battery in my finishing touch facial hair remover?

Grab the upper section of the unit with one hand, the bottom half with the other, and pull apart (Image 2) to reveal the battery chamber. Place 1 AA battery into the compartment, making sure the positive pole (+) is facing the bottom of the unit. Slide/snap the unit’s bottom casing back into place (Image 2).

Do you epilate with or against the grain?

The epilator should be used “against the grain” (against the direction of hair growth), in a slow, but steady manner. If you rush you may miss hairs or cut them instead of pluck them at the root.

Which way do you epilate your legs?

Pull your skin taut and then slowly move the epilator in the direction of hair growth. If you move the epilator opposite the direction of hair growth, you’ll cut the hair at the skin, but you won’t remove it from the root.

Does Finishing Touch make hair grow back thicker?

It won’t cause the hair to grow back thicker or darker The Finishing Touch Flawless next to the shaved kiwi. It’s worth noting that a deterrent from shaving the finest hairs on the face is the belief that the hair will come back thicker and darker.

¿Qué son las depiladoras eléctricas?

Normalmente, las depiladoras eléctricas vienen de fábrica con varios cabezales específicos para zonas más sensibles, como axilas o pubis, y para zonas menos sensibles, como las piernas. Si utilizas los cabezales específicos según la zona del cuerpo que desees depilar, contribuirás a sentir menos dolor y a castigar menos la piel.

¿Cómo reducir la molestia o dolor durante la depilación con depiladora eléctrica?

Para reducir la sensación de molestia o dolor durante la depilación con depiladora eléctrica te recomendamos aplicar frío justo después de pasar la depiladora en las zonas tratadas, especialmente en las zonas más sensibles del cuerpo, como son el pubis o las axilas.

¿Cómo cuidar la piel después de la depilación con depiladora eléctrica?

Te recomendamos que tengas en cuenta cuándo vas a depilarte para que el día o la noche anterior puedas exfoliarte la piel y aplicar, posteriormente, una buena crema o aceite hidratante. De esta forma, el vello saldrá de forma más eficaz y evitarás que la piel se resienta en exceso tras la depilación con depiladora eléctrica.

¿Cómo extraer el vello con depiladora eléctrica?

De esta forma, el vello saldrá de forma más eficaz y evitarás que la piel se resienta en exceso tras la depilación con depiladora eléctrica. Para favorecer la extracción del vello con maquinilla eléctrica también se recomienda haberse dado un baño o ducha caliente justo antes.