How expensive are Wood Mode cabinets?

Wood-Mode Matte Twilight

Retail Price $28,000
Our Price $3,000
Base Cabinet Color Matte Twilight
Wall Cabinets White Glass (2)
Pull Out Base Cabinet (Micro Pantry) Yes

Who owns Wood Mode cabinets?

Bill French
Products Magazine spoke with Bill French, the new owner of Wood-Mode, a custom cabinetry company that previously closed in 2019 and put nearly 1,000 people out of work. French is focused on rehiring community members, strengthening the brand, and preserving the company’s signature luxury custom-cabinet style.

Can Wood-Mode cabinets be repainted?

Wood-Mode Cabinets 10 years old or older: When regular use has worn the finish around a round door knob, the only solution is to refinish the cabinet or drawer face. Touch up paint can mask gouges, but it won’t blend in well to an existing finish.

How do you clean Brookhaven cabinets?

Clean with a mild soapy water solution, rinse and wipe dry using a soft cloth. If necessary, remove stubborn stains with a grease-cutting agent. Clean afterward with a mild soapy water solution, rinse and wipe dry. Do not use abrasive cleaners, scouring pads, powders, sandpaper or steel wool.

What color of kitchen cabinet is most popular?

For several decades, in fact, white has been the leading cabinet color in kitchen cabinet trends. As the most popular shade for cabinetry then, it’s a good option for many styles of kitchens. It certainly fits well with a simple, straightforward design choice that won’t go out of style.

How do you clean Wood-Mode cabinets?

Simply wipe them clean using a soft cloth with a mild soapy water solution. Wipe immediately after with a clean damp cloth and dry with a clean soft cloth. Avoid over-rubbing on matte finishes. It causes glossy patches in the finish, marring the original effect.