How far can you transmit FM legally Australia?

If you’re 200Khz separated (87.6Mhz and 87.8Mhz), 5Km is the mandated distance. If you’re 400Khz apart (87.6Mhz and 88Mhz), you can transmit from the same location. In addition to the limited coverage area you’ll get from that 1 Watt of EIRP, the audience appeal of LPON services must also be limited.

Do you need a licence for walkie talkies in Australia?

In order to legally operate most commercial and professional-grade two-way radios in Australia a two-way radio licence issued by ACMA is required. A two-way radio licence issued by ACMA grants you a frequency just for you.

Do you need a ham radio license in Australia?

You need an amateur licence to communicate on amateur frequencies. You can do this in many ways, including Morse code and data. You must be qualified to apply for an amateur licence. The Radiocommunications Licence Conditions (Amateur Licence) Determination 2015 defines amateur licences.

How do I start an FM radio station in Australia?

Find a frequency that’s available in the area you want to broadcast from. Obtain the necessary permissions to install an FM antenna and transmitter. Complete an application form and pay the $394 application fee. Participate in the station auction and if you’re successful, pay licencing fees.

Are Bluetooth FM transmitters legal in Australia?

FM transmitter: No integration is offered via an FM transmitter. You must control your phone/device manually. Note: this is illegal when driving in all states of Australia.

What radios are legal in Australia?

A citizens band (CB) radio is an alternative to a two-way radio. Anyone in Australia can use a CB radio that complies with Australian rules. (It might not suit you if you want commercial or private frequencies.)

What are the 3 levels of ham radio license?

The Federal Communications Commission licenses new hams in one of three classes: Technician, General and Extra. The Technician class is entry level, while General is the next step up. As you can guess, the Extra class license is the top shelf!

How many ham radio operators are there in Australia?

There are over three million Amateur Radio operators worldwide, with over 1.2 million in Japan, over 700,000 in the USA, and about 14,000 in Australia.

Can I make my own radio station?

If you are unsure on how to get started and you do not have a techie background then there is no need to worry. Creating your own radio station is pretty easy. has streamlined the process of getting up and running in minutes. This means that you can broadcast without having to know what everything does.