How far is Bradley University from Chicago?

132 miles

What are the requirements to get into Bradley University?

Recognizing that the range of scholastic aptitude of high school students is great, Bradley University may accept students into a degree program, providing they have:

  • completed their junior year of high school;
  • attained a “B” or better high school average;
  • attained appropriate SAT or ACT entrance examination scores;

Is Bradley University a nonprofit organization?

Bradley University is a private not-for-profit institution located in Peoria, Illinois.

Who is Bradley University named after?

On April 10, 1897, ground was broken for Bradley Hall. What had been prairie-land cornfield was transformed into a seat of learning because of the remarkable courage, strength, and determination of one woman, Mrs. Lydia Moss Bradley.

Does Bradley require letters of recommendation?

One letter of recommendation is required. In some cases, more letters may be helpful. No specific form is required, although an optional counselor recommendation form is attached for your convenience. A personal statement or essay of between 250 and 500 words is required.

Is Bradley University conservative or liberal?

It’s a very liberal campus, it seems like, though. Someone who is antisocial might have a challenge adjusting to the university. I found that when I came, I was concerned about how trusting I could be of people.

Is Bradley University a liberal arts college?

Mission and Values Statement. We affirm the centrality of an engaged education in the liberal arts and sciences to the mission of Bradley University and to an open, vibrant society. We are a community that seeks insight into the self, society, and the natural world with courage, humility, and open minds and hearts.

What is Bradley’s mascot?


Where is Bradley located?

Bradley University is a private university in Peoria, Illinois….Bradley University.

Type Private university
Undergraduates 4,636
Postgraduates 1,293
Location Peoria , Illinois , United States N WCoordinates: N W
Campus Urban, 84 acres (340,000 m2)

How many students attend Bradley?

5,458 (2012)

Does Bradley University require SAT?

Beginning with students applying for fall 2021 enrollment at Bradley University, undergraduate applicants will no longer be required to submit standardized test scores, ACT or SAT, for admission. Students may still submit their test scores if they choose to do so. …

What is the tuition for Bradley University?

34,610 USD (2019 – 20)

Does Bradley University Superscore act?

Note that Bradley University does not superscore ACT results; your highest composite ACT score will be considered. Bradley does not require the ACT writing section.

Where is Bradley basketball team from?

Peoria, Illinois, United States

What city is Bradley University in?