How far is Essos from Westeros?

On Earth there is 69 miles between each degree of latitude, but we did previously establish that the planet of Westeros and Essos is located on is 8.0771% larger than Earth, so the lines of latitude would be slightly further apart at 74.573 miles.

How long does it take to cross Westeros?

A Medieval army could typically march a grand total of ten miles a day. WINTERFELL TO KING’S LANDING is 1,651 miles: So, basically, that means an army should typically take 165 days with no days off, sufficient food supply, no weather problems and no sickness or attacks.

How long is the trip across the Narrow Sea?

And it doesn’t take more than a few days for it to set in. 4 days isn’t a long time. 4 days locked in a box is an eternity.

Does Westeros connect to Essos?

The continents of Westeros and Essos have a connection via the Stepstones — a chain of islands by Dorne, between the narrow Sea and Summer sea.

How cold is winter in Westeros?

Known seasons

Season Period
Winter 272 AC – 274 AC
Winter 280 AC – 282 AC > Unknown
Summer Unknown > 284 AC > Unknown
Summer 288 AC – 299 AC

How far north does Westeros go?

Continents. Westeros: Located in the far west of the known world, Westeros extends southwards from the northern polar icecap for approximately 3,000 miles. Most of the continent is unified as a political entity called the Seven Kingdoms, ruled from the King on the Iron Throne in the city of King’s Landing.

How far is Moat Cailin from Winterfell?

Therefore we can say Moat Cailin to Winterfell is roughly a 360 journey given that it’s a straight shot down the Kingsroad.

Is Dorne across the narrow sea?

The Narrow Sea runs from roughly just east of the Vale to just north-east of Dorne.

Why is Westeros better than Essos?

In the world of Game of Thrones Essos seems like a bigger continent and a more beautiful and warmer place with a thriving economy and a diverse cultural and ethnic diaspora. In comparison, Westeros seems much more dry and cold with a poor economy due to the harsh winters and the instability of its rulership.

What country is Westeros based on?

Britain and Ireland
He has revealed that Westeros is in fact based on an upside-down map of Britain and Ireland, with major Irish cities sharing their locations with famous Westeros landmarks: King’s Landing as Galway, Donegal Bay as the Sea of Dorne, Belfast as Old Town and Dublin as Casterly Rock.