How far is warmwell holiday park from the beach?

Just 20 miles away is Poole Harbour, where you can take a boat trip to Brownsea Island and wander through the trees to watch Red Squirrels. beach at Chesil or Abbotsbury. Visit the lighthouse or the castle at Portland or again there are plenty of public footpaths from which to enjoy the views.

Is the swimming pool open at warmwell?

Please note our swimming pool is closed to the general public.

Who owns warmwell Holiday Park?

Parkdean Resorts
Warmwell Holiday Park, Dorset | Parkdean Resorts.

Is warmwell leisure Centre open?

There’s so much more to enjoy at Warmwell – check out our list of other activities below. If you’d like to find out more about any of the below activities, please pop into Reception or call 01305 851 080. We open daily from 8:30am, with varying closing times between 6pm and 8pm.

Does warmwell Holiday Park have WiFi?

Warmwell Caravan Park is happy to introduce site wide wi-fi in conjunction with wi-fi specialists Club WiFi.

Can you swim in Weymouth beach?

Weymouth Beach is a curving arc of golden sand adjacent to the town centre, with Weymouth pier at the southern end. Family-friendly, the safe, shallow waters are ideal for swimming, and a range of other activities are on offer during summer, from donkey rides to Punch and Judy shows.

How much is WiFi at Parkdean?

2 answers. We have free WiFi in our venues, but you can also purchase WiFi in your caravan from from as little as £3.99 per device. over a year ago.

Is WiFi free at Parkdean?

All of our parks offer free Wifi in the venue. Additional Wifi may be available in other areas of some parks but this cannot be guaranteed and may come with an additional cost.

Is Weymouth Beach man made?

The sand on Weymouth beach was voted the best for making sandcastle and you can visit Sandworld, which features fantastic sculptures made from sand. Weymouth Beach is very wide and gently sloping, with golden sand and shallow waters normally with small waves….

Weymouth Beach
Access The Esplanade

Is Chesil Beach Safe?

Letter: Don’t believe what you hear, many of us learnt to swim at Chesil Beach. I don’t know what prompted J Barlow (June 26) to say that ‘Chesil Beach is one of the most dangerous places to swim in the UK’. It is certainly not. There are numerous places with worse tolls of bathing tragedies than Chesil.