How fast can a Stygimoloch run?

20–30 miles per hour
Despite being rather adorable,One thing many ingen staff can Easily remember about the Stygimoloch is that, for herbivore of its size, it did not have a easy-going temperament, in fact, as the staff of Jurassic World found out, if they so much as look at them wrong, this medium sized dinosaur would begin charge at them …

Is the Stygimoloch real?

The Stygimoloch is an extinct genus of the Late Cretaceous period that possibly lived in ancient North America. The meaning of the name Stygimoloch is a demon from the river Styx. Despite what the name suggests, these dinosaurs were not nearly as terrifying.

How much did the Stygimoloch weigh?

Stygimoloch was a small herbivore that was approximately 10 feet long, 3 feet high and weighed around 170 pounds. It was bipedal—meaning that it walked on two legs—and had bony spikes on its skull, some of which were 4 inches long. It is believed that these horns were used by males as they competed for females.

What is the coolest looking dinosaur?

Here is the list of some of the most badass looking dinosaurs.

  • Diablosaurus. “Devil horned face.”
  • Stygimoloch. “Demon from the River Styx.”
  • Styracosaurus. “Spiked lizard.”
  • Utahraptor. “Utah thief.”
  • Therizinosaurus. “Scythe lizard.”
  • Polacanthus. “Many thorns.”
  • Kentrosaurus. “Spiked lizard.”
  • Carnotaurus. “Meat eating bull.”

How tall is a Stygimoloch?

“The Stygimoloch, which means “Demon From The River Styx”, was a dome-headed, bipedal herbivore at only 2 meters long and 1 meter tall. The Stygimoloch made up for its size with its veracity. Its name is derived from the dozens of demonic-looking spikes surrounding its dome.”

Is Stygimoloch a carnivore?

Characteristics. Stygimoloch is a small bipedal herbivore with a large domed head. It has a prominant crown of horns around its dome and snout.

What did Stygimoloch look like?

Stygimoloch was a thick-skulled plant-eating dinosaur (a pachycephalosaur) that walked on two legs. This unusual-looking dinosaur had bony spikes and bumps on its skull; the many horns ranged up to 4 inches (100 mm) long. Pachycephalosaurs probably engaged in head-butting both as a defense and as intra-species rivalry.

What type of dinosaur is Stygimoloch?

About Stygimoloch A type of pachycephalosaur, or bone-headed dinosaur, this plant-eater was fairly lightweight, about the size of a fully grown human being.

What dinosaur has 1000 teeth?

Nigersaurus — so named because it was discovered in Niger — had the long neck of a Diplodocus and up to 1,000 teeth in its intricate jaws, Sereno, of the University of Chicago, said on Monday.

Where was the Stygimoloch found?

Stygimoloch fossils were first discovered in North America, specifically in Montana as well as Wisconsin. The first was discovered in Hell Creek,Montana and was named in 1983 by Peter M. Galton a British paleontologist and Hans-Dieter Sues a German paleontologist.

What can Stygimoloch live with?

Stygimoloch lived alongside many other Late Cretaceous dinosaurs, including the hadrosaur Edmontosaurus, the ceratopsians Triceratops and Torosaurus, the armored Ankylosaurus, the ornithomimid Struthiomimus, as well as the theropods Troodon and Tyrannosaurus.