How fast is a Slingshot 1/4 mile?

At the Track Hold the accelerator to the floor and the quarter-mile wisps by in 14.6 seconds at 96 mph. For reference, these times are similar to those of the less powerful and heavier 10Best Cars champion Mazda Miata, besting it by 0.3 second to 60 mph and tying it in the quarter-mile.

Which Slingshot is the fastest?

The 2019 Slingshot S comes in at 1,680 pounds, 26 pounds extra. Top speed is limited at 125 mph for the 2020 Slingshot, and we only get 0-60 mph sprint times for the meaner and more expensive $30,999 Slingshot R, which can pull it off in 4.9 seconds….

Starting price $30,999
Wheels forged aluminum

How fast is the fastest Slingshot?

What Is The Fastest Slingshot Model? In addition to zero to 60 mph, the motor also runs on battery power. Top speed is 125 mph with a top speed of only 9 seconds. According to Polaris Slingshot R, its engines are equipped with 203 hp and 144 ft lbs of torque at 8,250 rpm and 6,750 rpm.

How fast can you go in a Polaris Slingshot?

125 mph
Given the model’s curb weight of 1,640 lbs (744 kg), the Slingshot R is a blast and can rocket from 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) in just 4.9 seconds. Given enough room, you can eventually hit an electronically limited top speed of 125 mph (201 km/h).

Can you turbo a slingshot?

The Slingshot uses a high compression engine and premium fuel should be used at all times. However, when running a turbo kit, PREMIUM FUEL IS REQUIRED! Without the use of Premium fuel you run the risk of cracking a sleeve, chipping a piston, or breaking a rod.

How fast is a 2016 Slingshot?

Polaris claims a top speed of 130 mph but anywhere near three digits can feel like you cracked three teeth.

How fast is a Slingshot 0 to 60?

4.9 sec
2021 Polaris Slingshot R: Accessory Excess

2021 Polaris Slingshot R
CURB WEIGHT 1,650 lb (mfr est)
WHEELBASE 105.0 in
L x W x H 149.6 x 77.9 x 51.9 in
0-60 MPH 4.9 sec (mfr est)

Can you supercharge a Slingshot?

55% POWER GAIN AT JUST 8 PSI OF BOOST The industry-leading Intercooled ProCharger supercharger system for Polaris Slingshots is now available and features an unmatched combination of power, reliability and drivability, appearance and ease of installation.

Can you tune a Polaris Slingshot?

The process is easy to do, simply send us your ECM, we flash it and ship it directly back to you, just install back in your Slingshot and enjoy your ride! *Tune is for naturally aspirated engines only without a turbo, supercharger or nitrous installed and running 91 Octane or better gasoline. 4. ENJOY YOUR RIDE!

What happened at the 2017 Slingshot SLR race of Champions?

At the Race of Champions in Miami, FL, some of the greatest drivers in the world went behind the wheel of the 2017 Slingshot SLR to test their driving and machine capabilities against one another. The Race Of Champions is an annual contest that has been held for more than 25 years.

What is the slingshot rally?

This epic five-day rally takes place in the heart of Carolina high country—featuring food, fun, vendors, group rides and more. Check out others’ amazing Slingshot mods and custom builds as you show off your own personalized ride.

Do I have to own a motorcycle to ride a slingshot?

You don’t have to own a motorcycle to enjoy the energy and excitement of an epic ride or rally. In fact, your own personalized Slingshot is the perfect vehicle to take in these legendary events, spread across the calendar and the country.

What to do in Florida with a slingshot?

Get ready for some regional fun at a SlingFest event near you. These annual Slingshot owner gatherings pop up all over the US and boast group rides, giveaways, competitions, parades and vendors. Follow their Facebook page for details about upcoming events. Florida sun must be experienced to be understood.