How good is Ohlins coilovers?

The Ohlins coilovers performed amazing through the high and low speed technical sections of Buttonwillow and handled the abuse of the berms with no problem. S-sections and elevation changes were no issue with these coilovers rebounding quickly.

Is Ohlins suspension good?

While forks like the FOX 36 feel like you are suspended by the spring, the Öhlins feels like you are riding on a cushion of oil damped air, staying high but smooth off the top. It is very smooth and damped over mid-sized hits, dissipating the energy of impacts effortlessly.

How long do Ohlins coilovers last?

Generally, they can last from 60,000 to 100,00 miles. You will want to get them inspected after 40,000 to 50,00 miles and about every year after that to make sure they are still in good working order. These Coilovers have a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Does ohlins make car suspension?

We designed our suspension for the Adventure segment with Off-Road and Rally-raid in mind, to put the excitement back into winding countryside roads and rough terrain. Our suspension gives you better contact with the road, improves sharp turns, and stays stable during hillsides.

Are ohlins worth the money?

Honestly it transformed the way the bike handles. I would reccomend you definitely get it set up to you it’s worth it. Even for someone that’s not a massively aggressive rider having the right set up makes huge difference.

How much does Ohlins suspension cost?

$1,180.00. In Stock. Ohlins TTX22M Coil Shock 7.87″ x 2.25″ Piggyback Cylinder head. $800.00.

How long do coilovers last before rebuild?

A good set of coilovers that are installed and maintained correctly could last a long time—150,000 miles or more. The first issue that you should consider when it comes to maintaining your coilover suspension system is the type of material that you use to make the springs and shocks.

Are Öhlins worth the money?

Are Fox forks worth it?

That said, they really are very good forks/dampers. Even the lower models include the proper damping circuits (high and low speed) that will allow the fork to react well to high and low-speed impacts. The basic idea is that fox doesn’t make “cheap” forks, like RS, Marzocchi and others do.

Where is Öhlins made?

Öhlins currently employs 320 people and is headquartered in Upplands Väsby, Sweden, where the main R&D departments and production site are also located.

Which coilovers last the longest?

Generally, Koni yellow based twin tubes coil overs have the longest service life if you take into account % of performance maintained Into the life of the set up. In this case the ‘coilover’ lasts similar (75k miles-ish) to shock and spring bc they’re essentially the same thing.