How hard is it to dig a trench by hand?

Digging a trench by hand quickly and easily requires the right trenching tools. A trenching shovel, pick mattock, and hoe will make the job fast and simple. Once you have the tools on hand, make certain your planned trench won’t interfere with any underground utilities. Then, mark the trench path and begin excavation.

How much does it cost to dig a trench by hand?

Digging a trench amounts to an average of $8 per linear foot, including equipment and labor. Doing it yourself eliminates labor and puts the price at an average of $2.25 per linear foot….Trenching Prices Per Foot.

Equipment (Trencher) $1.75 – $2.50
Total Per 100 Linear Feet $400 – $1,200

Is there a tool to dig trenches?

There are four types of hand tools used for trenching. They are the SharpShooter Shovel (or Drainage Spade), a couple different types of Trenching Shovels, the new Bottom Digger clean-out scoop, and the surprising Trenching Hoe (also called a Grub Hoe).

How long does it take to trench 500 feet?

Time Comparison Between Various Feet

Feet Varieties Estimated Time
100 feet 12 hours
200 feet 24 hours
300 feet 36 hours
500 feet 60 hours

Can I use a chainsaw to trench?

Many people use their chainsaws for digging trenches because it is an easy way to cut through dirt or other types of material without having to utilize any additional tools. Even just using the standard blade that comes with your saw can help you break up the solid ground.

How do you backfill a trench by hand?

Place the flat end of a hand tamper tool on top of the soil in the trench. Pick up the tamper and hit the surface of the soil with it using firm pressure to pack the soil down. Repeat the process over the length of the trench until all of the soil is compacted.

How many feet can you trench in a day?

Trencher Production “Our customers look to dig 1 to 2 miles of trench per day,” says Kevin Shimp, president of Port Industries, a trencher manufacturer in Palmyra, MO. “That’s one trench with one operator, opening up 10,000 feet of trench per day, whereas one excavator can open up 1,000 to 1,500 feet per day.

How deep will a Ditch Witch dig?

Size. Smaller models can often dig trenches between 1 and 4 feet deep and between 4 and 16 inches wide. Larger trenchers can dig ditches up to 18 feet deep and 4 feet wide.

Can you trench with an edger?

An edger can be used as a trencher, but you won’t get the best operational efficiency. Specifically, your depth will be very limited, and the whole project will take longer to complete. However, it’s possible to convert an old edger into a mini makeshift trencher.