How high is the Lismore river?

The Wilson River in Lismore reached 14.37 metres at its peak, the largest flood since modern records began.

How are river heights measured?

The depth of water (in metres) at a river height measuring gauge located along the river. In most cases a zero reading is the lowest water-level that is reached during dry conditions.

What height is the Hawkesbury River?

Hawkesbury River is at an elevation/altitude/height above sea level of 8.34 m above sea level.

How high is the Clarence River?

827 ft
The extremely intense rainfalls that typify the North Coast mean, however, that major floods can temporarily raise the flow of the Clarence to 24 feet, as happened in 1890….Clarence River (New South Wales)

Clarence River Big River
• elevation 252 m (827 ft)
2nd source Maryland River
Mouth Coral Sea, South Pacific Ocean
• location near Iluka and Yamba

What height was the 2017 flood in Lismore?

The Lismore Rowing Club Gauge measured a flood peak of 11.6 metres AHD, the highest recorded since 1974 (12.2 metres AHD).

How high is the Richmond River?

The Richmond River in northeast New South Wales starts near Dairy Flat at an elevation of 236m and flows into the Coral Sea of the South Pacific Ocean. The Richmond River drops around 237m over its 248km length. 12 creeks and rivers flow into the Richmond River.

What are river Heights?

The height (in metres) to which the river is predicted to rise at the river gauge referred to in the warning.

What is the level of the river?

Water (or river) level is a measure the depth of water in a river at a specific location. Scientists also refer to the measurement of the level of water in a river relative to an arbitrary point (e.g. the river bed) as ‘river stage’.

How high is the Wilson river?

1,818 ft
Wilson River (New South Wales)

Wilson River
• location in Willi Willi National Park
• elevation 554 m (1,818 ft)
Mouth confluence with the Maria River
• location Telegraph Point, north of Wauchope

Are there sharks in the Clarence River?

Inland shark fishing To find out, we spoke to locals with first-hand experience of reeling in the big one. In fact, bull sharks can be found in such substantial numbers, they sustain a commercial fishing operation in the Clarence River during the months of October through to January.

How high is the Clarence River in Grafton?

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Clarence River peaked at 20.94 metres at Lilydale in 2013, but today reached a maximum height of 17.97m at 6.15pm before starting to recede down to 17.74m by 8pm.