How long did the Ottonian empire last?

The Ottonian dynasty (German: Ottonen) was a Saxon dynasty of German monarchs (919–1024), named after three of its kings and Holy Roman Emperors named Otto, especially its first Emperor Otto I. It is also known as the Saxon dynasty after the family’s origin in the German stem duchy of Saxony.

Where did the Ottonian Empire rule?

Under the reign of the Ottonian rulers, the kingdom of the Eastern Franks finally became Germany as the duchies of Lorraine, Saxony, Franconia, Swabia, Thuringia and Bavaria joined in one empire. After the end of the Ottonian dynasty (with the death of Henry II in 1024) the crown passed to the Salian dynasty.

How did Ottonian Kings establish their power?

The Ottonian kings consolidated their power through military success, strategic marriage alliances, and canny appointments. Henry, Duke of Saxony and the most powerful man in Germany, was given the royal title by his fellow dukes.

Which is one of the finest Ottonian books produced for the clergy?

The dedicatory page shows Abbess Uta presenting her codex to the Virgin Mary. This is one of the finest Ottonian books produced for the clergy.

What was Otto 3 dream?

Influenced by the ruin of ancient Rome and perhaps by his Byzantine mother, Otto III dreamed of restoring the glory and power of the Roman Empire, with himself at the head of a theocratic state.

Who tutored Otto 3?

To control the papacy he installed in turn his cousin Gregory VI (996–99) and his tutor Sylvester II (999–1003) as popes, but this did not prevent rebellions in Italy.

Was the Holy Roman Empire Catholic?

The Holy Roman Empire was a fragmented collection of largely independent states, which, after the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, was divided between Catholic and Protestant rulership.

Why was the Book of EBBO so unique?

Why was the Book of Ebbo so unique in its style compared to Ottonian manuscripts? The Book of Ebbo has a unique style that uses a style associated with Reims with its use of frenetic intensity and expressively colored lines.

What did the pope do for King Otto?

Pope John crowned Otto as Emperor of the Roman Empire in 962 C.E., about 150 years after Pope Leo had crowned Charlemagne with the same title. In return Otto promised to support only John as Pope and to guarantee the protection of the Papal States.

Are the Byzantines Greek?

Modern historians use the term Byzantine Empire to distinguish the state from the western portion of the Roman Empire. The name refers to Byzantium, an ancient Greek colony and transit point that became the location of the Byzantine Empire’s capital city, Constantinople.

Was the Second Imperium founded by Imperials?

This was retconned in The Essential Chronology by stating that the Second Imperium was founded by Imperials who did not hold Pellaeon’s belief of peace with the New Republic . Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

How did Otto II become emperor in 967?

On 25 December 967, Otto II was crowned Co-Emperor by Pope John XIII, securing Otto II’s succession to the Imperial crown following his father’s death. Otto II’s coronation allowed marriage negotiations to begin with the East.

How was the 2nd Imperium destroyed?

It was ultimately destroyed by its self-destruct sequence going off by one of the Emperor’s Royal Guardsmen after Brakiss learned to his fury that the Emperor had not actually been revived. The Second Imperium was the antagonist for the New Republic in the first six Young Jedi Knights novels.

Who was the leader of the Second Imperium?

The Second Imperium was an Imperial faction led by the Dark Jedi Brakiss and the Nightsister Tamith Kai, both of whom formerly served under the leadership of Emperor Palpatine, in actuality a hologram projection created by four Imperial Royal Guards.