How long do Aqua Sphere goggles last?

Swim goggles don’t go from perfect to trashed in one day. They deteriorate a little bit each day. It will be up to you and your swimmer to determine when the lenses are too scratched or they’re not watertight anymore. Frequent swimmers will need to replace their swimming goggles at least every 6 months.

Is Aqua Sphere any good?

The Aqua Sphere Kayenne goggles have received top marks from many publications. Non-paid triathletes review them highly in a study posted on, too. One comments, “[I] have used them in the pool and also for open water (salt). I must say that I am very impressed.

What goggles does Michael Phelps use?

Michael Phelps Competitive Swim Goggles Our best-selling XCEED Titanium Mirror Goggles are the same as worn by Michael Phelps in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Is there such a thing as prescription swimming goggles?

Prescription swim goggles come either with premade step diopter prescription lenses or custom made lenses with your exact prescription. For a guide on how to pick swim goggles, see our Swim Goggle shopping guide.

How do you clean Aqua Sphere goggles?

How do you clean mirrored goggles? As a rule of thumb, always rinse your swim goggles with warm, freshwater, especially if you were swimming in the ocean. Leftover saltwater can negatively impact the lifespan of your polarized and mirrored lenses. Lay them flat to dry away from direct sunlight.

How do I know what swim goggles fit?

Use your fingers to press the goggles gently onto your eyes. If they have enough suction to seal to your face for 3 to 4 seconds, they’re a good fit. If they pop off, look for a smaller size. Improper suction will let water in while you swim and your goggles will pop off your face more often.

What goggles do Olympic swimmers use?

The Nike Swift Strapless Goggles are used by Olympic swimmers as they offer good visibility and have the added bonus of not having a nose bridge.

What goggles do competitive swimmers use?

Swedish goggles, or Swedes, are among the most popular swimming goggles for competitive swimmers, and for good reason. The pro list for these goggles is long: They are highly customizable. They provide a terrific field of vision.

Are prescription swim goggles expensive?

With all these features I suppose it’s not a surprise that they are more expensive. In fact, they are easily the most expensive goggles on this list, available for around $12-30 per pair (check Amazon for current pricing and availability).

How much does prescription goggles cost?

The average cost of the diopter prescription swimming goggles is 42USD ranging between 13 USD and 72 USD while the average cost of custom-made prescription swimming goggles is 90 USD ranging between 45 USD and 110 USD.