How long do drinkwell filters last?

2-4 weeks
The charcoal filter removes bad tastes and odours from the water and catches large particles and debris from re-circulating back into the water. The filters do not purify the water. Change them every 2-4 weeks, depending on how many pets use the fountain, to keep the fountain water fresh and clean.

Who makes drinkwell?

Product information

Item Weight 2.65 pounds
Department Racks/Futons
Manufacturer Water & Feed
ASIN B00063446M
Country of Origin China

Which way do you insert a drinkwell filter?

The carbon is made from coconut shells and is safe for your pet. Insert the filter into the filter housing with the black side facing forward and the narrow side down.

Why is my drinkwell mini not working?

Unplug the fountain then plug it back in. If the motor is humming, try cleaning the motor, making sure nothing is stuck around the impeller. You can also change the foam filter. If the motor is not humming, try replacing the pump.

Are charcoal filters safe for cats?

Some charcoal can escape over the life of the filter, so we always recommend rinsing the filters before use. It is safe for your pets.

How often should you change filter on Cat fountain?

The pet fountain filter should be change every 2-4 weeks, depending on the number of pets using the fountain. Having more pets that use the fountain will increase the saliva contect and debris in the water, so the filter will need to be changed more frequently.

Are dog water fountains worth it?

Yes, dog water fountains are worth it for people who often forget to refill their dog’s water bowls on a daily basis, for people who live in hot climates where chilled water would be beneficial or for people with picky dogs who only drink fresh, running water.

Which way does charcoal filter go in cat fountain?

which way does the filter go into the foutain? The flow of water should enter through the polyester side and out of the charcoal side which is dark in color.

Which way should water filter face?

Cell Filter Cell filters are placed in holding slots in the fountain and have a black and white side. Position the filter so that the black side is facing the back. Note: In the Drinkwell® Original Fountain the black side of the filter faces the front of the fountain.

Why is my water fountain not working?

NO WATER COMING OUT OF THE FOUNTAIN If you don’t think you are getting power, check the GFCI by pressing the test and reset buttons on the outlet. Use a hairdryer or other electric device to test the outlet. If it will not turn on, call an electrician. If the outlet is working follow your pump cord to the trap door.

Why did my cat water fountain stop working?

Oftentimes, if your fountain has reduced water flow or has stopped working, your pump simply needs to be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. Different fountains come with different pumps, however, the cleaning steps remain the same. We recommend cleaning the pump every 2-4 weeks.