How long does hydronephrosis surgery take?

The surgery takes about two to three hours. The operating room nurse will give your family periodic updates on the status of the surgery.

Is pyeloplasty surgery painful?

Is a pyeloplasty painful? You or your child may feel some pain after pyeloplasty. The pain may go away after a week and you or your child will be given medications to help minimize this pain.

Do you need surgery for hydronephrosis?

Although surgery is sometimes needed, in many cases hydronephrosis resolves on its own as a child grows, and surgery is not necessary. Essentially, hydronephrosis can be boiled down to a problem of urine flow.

How long does pyeloplasty surgery take?

Laparoscopic pyeloplasty is performed under general anesthesia. The typical length of the operation is three to four hours. The surgery is performed through three small (1 cm) incisions made in the abdomen.

How serious is hydronephrosis?

Severe hydronephrosis. Left untreated, severe hydronephrosis can lead to permanent kidney damage. Rarely, it can cause kidney failure. But hydronephrosis typically affects only one kidney and the other kidney can do the work for both.

Does kidney improve after pyeloplasty?

Conclusions: Renal function did not improve after pyeloplasty regardless of the initial level of relative function. Renal scan revealed that differential function decreased after pyeloplasty in some patients in whom hydronephrosis was detected prenatally and who were initially followed with observation.

How is a stent removed after pyeloplasty?

The stent is removed in the operating room a few weeks after surgery. This is a same day surgery procedure. Another tube, called a drain, may be inserted in the area around the kidney and ureter to drain extra fluid that can collect during and after surgery. Once the drainage stops the drain is removed at the bedside.