How long has Graham Stringer been an MP?

Graham Stringer

Graham Stringer MP
Member of Parliament for Blackley and Broughton Manchester Blackley (1997–2010)
Assumed office 1 May 1997
Preceded by Kenneth Eastham

Who is MP for Cheetham Hill?

MP details – Graham Stringer MP.

Who is the MP for South Shields?

Emma Lewell-Buck

Emma Lewell-Buck MP
Member of Parliament for South Shields
Assumed office 2 May 2013
Preceded by David Miliband

Who is the MP for Openshaw?

It is represented in Westminster by Lucy Powell MP for Manchester Central.

Is Andy Burnham a MP?

After being selected as Labour’s candidate for the new Greater Manchester Mayoralty, Burnham stood down as Shadow Home Secretary in 2016 and an MP at the 2017 general election. Burnham won the 2017 mayoral election, and was re-elected in the delayed election held in May 2021.

Who is MP for Hebburn?

Members of Parliament

Election Member Party
1979 Don Dixon Labour
1997 Stephen Hepburn Labour
2019 Independent
2019 Kate Osborne Labour

Who is Jarrow MP?

Kate Helen Osborne is a British Labour Party politician who has served as Member of Parliament (MP) for Jarrow since 2019….Kate Osborne.

Kate Osborne MP
Assumed office 12 December 2019
Preceded by Stephen Hepburn
Majority 7,120 (17.5%)

Who is manchesters MP?

Lucy Maria Powell (born 10 October 1974) is a British politician serving as Shadow Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport since 2021. A member of the Labour and Co-operative parties, she has been Member of Parliament (MP) for Manchester Central since 2012.

What is the salary of the Mayor of Greater Manchester?

The creation of the Mayor of Greater Manchester was agreed between the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, and Greater Manchester’s 10 district council leaders….

Mayor of Greater Manchester
Formation 29 May 2015
Deputy Deputy Mayors
Salary £110,000
Website GMCA / The Mayor