How long is the waiting list for a council house in Birmingham?

Birmingham council house applicants are spending a year and three months on the waiting list before getting a home, new figures have revealed. As of this month, there are 9,917 applicants on the list who spend an average of 66 weeks from the date of registration to when they are housed.

Is it easy to get a council house in Birmingham?

There is currently huge demand for council houses in Birmingham. Birmingham City Council currently has around 60,000 properties – less than half the number it had back in 1981 – and more than 18,649 households waiting on the housing register, according to the council’s Housing Options report.

How does Birmingham Home Choice work?

Birmingham operates a choice based letting scheme and applicants accepted onto the housing register may express an interest in (bid for) a home when a suitable one becomes available. Those who do not qualify for social housing will be offered advice about alternative housing options, including private renting.

What does Band 2 mean on Birmingham City council?

The bands are: Band 1 People who have a reasonable preference and are granted additional preference (very urgent need to move). Band 2 People who need to move and fall within one of the reasonable preference categories. Band 3 Certain homeless households to whom the council must award reasonable preference.

How long do you stay in temporary accommodation Birmingham?

There is no time limit for how long people can stay in either of the buildings, with the only restriction being that single men cannot live in any of the units. “Some families need a few days; some may need two or three months,” adds Mr Perry. “We don’t set timescales for them. You make the call at the right time.”

How many houses does Birmingham City council have?

Birmingham is the UK’s largest council landlord with more than 61,000 homes, and BMHT is the country’s biggest local authority house builder.

What does it mean to be shortlisted for a council house?

Once the closing date for bids has passed a shortlist of interested applicants is drawn up. The shortlist will identify the order of applicants based on who is in the highest band with the earliest band /effective date.