How many albums does Whitney Houston have in total?

seven studio
The discography of American singer Whitney Houston, nicknamed “The Voice”, consists of seven studio albums, six compilations, two soundtrack albums, five box sets, six extended plays, and 57 singles.

How many Diamond albums does Whitney Houston have?

There’s a reason Whitney Houston was dubbed “The Voice.” The Newark native made history multiple times over in her nearly 30-year career. In October 2020, Sony Music announced that Houston is the first Black recording artist to have three RIAA Diamond-certified albums, one of which is a soundtrack.

What is Whitney Houston best-selling album?

Houston’s first release, Whitney Houston, is the best-selling album by a female and a new artist in the 1980s in the United States, certified 9× platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) on October 6, 1988. The album was later certified 13× platinum (or Diamond) by RIAA.

How Will I Know album?

Whitney HoustonHow Will I Know / Album

“How Will I Know” is a song recorded by American singer Whitney Houston for her self-titled debut studio album. The song was released on November 22, 1985, by Arista Records as the album’s third single.

How many albums is a diamond?

10,000,000 copies
Diamond awards, honoring those artists whose sales of singles or albums reached 10,000,000 copies, were introduced in 1999.

Which artist has the most diamond albums?

Most Diamond

Artist #
Garth Brooks 9
The Beatles 6
Led Zeppelin 5
Eminem 3

What is higher than a diamond album?

The award levels are Silver (20,000+), Double Silver (40,000+), Gold (75,000+), Double Gold (150,000+), Diamond (200,000+), Platinum (400,000+) and Double Platinum (800,000+).

What does having a platinum album mean?

Definition of platinum record : a platinum phonograph record awarded to a singer or group whose album has sold at least one million copies — compare gold record.

Who sold more albums Mariah or Whitney?

The Bajan artist has 257.6 million certified record sales, topping Mariah Carey’s sales (137.3 million certified) by over 120 million, Whitney Houston’s sales (114.9 million certified) by over 142 million, Lady Gaga’s sales (102.1 million certified) by over 150 million, and Beyonce’s sales (83.3 million certified) by …

What was Whitney’s first album?

Love LanguageWhitney Houston / First album

Who was the first black woman to have a solo number one album in America?

Following departure from the Supremes in 1970, Ross embarked on a successful solo career in music, film, television and on stage. Her eponymous debut solo album featured the U.S. number-one hit “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and music anthem “Reach Out and Touch (Somebody’s Hand)”.