How many are in a platoon WOT?

3 players
In World of Tanks, a platoon is a small combat unit which can be created by any player and consists of up to 3 players in total.

What is a platoon WOTB?

A Platoon is a unit of several players who will go into battle on the same team. You can play in a Platoon in the following modes: Random Battle (Standard Battle, Assault, Encounter, and Grand Battle)

How do you accept platoon in World of Tanks?

If you are invited to a Platoon, you’ll receive a notification in the battle chat and see an icon next to the player who invited you. To accept an invitation, hold Ctrl and click the icon—you’re now in the Platoon!

How many people can you play World of Tanks with?

Diverse gameplay modes and mechanics However, if you enjoy the thrill of team-based combat, you can also squad up in teams of three, either with friends or by using the game’s platoon finder. In World of Tanks, teamwork doesn’t just make the dream work; it’s also an opportunity to earn credits and XP.

Can you party up in World of Tanks?

You are allowed to platoon. Platooning is a two-man(occasionally three-man) team that gets put into battles together. To access this feature, add him to your friends list, go to your battle button, hit the dropdown box, click platoon, then invite him in from your friends list.

How do you make friends on WOTB?

To add a friend, press [X] for Xbox or [Square] for PS4. The on-screen keyboard will now be displayed. Enter the Friend ID of the player you want to add.

How do I accept an invite in World of Tanks?

The person that invited you will have a gold “+” sign by their name. Hold down the “ctr” key and right click the name and top choice will be :join platoon.

How do I invite friends to World of Tanks?

The first tab in your Platoon Menu will display players specific to your platform, Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. To add a player from your platform to your Friends List, highlight the player you wish to add, and press [X] for Xbox or [Square] for PS4. The selected player will be added to your Friends tab.

How do you platoon in World of Tanks ps4?

Platoons can be created by adding friends from your console platform and also WoT Console, using the Friend ID….The Platoon Menu Tabs

  1. Friends: Allows you to see all of your friends from both platforms.
  2. Invites: Lets you see invitations sent to you by other players.

How do I gift a tank in World of Tanks?

How to Send a Gift

  1. After logging in, go to the Premium Shop.
  2. Select a game and a product of your choice.
  3. In Purchase Options, click [As a Gift].
  4. Choose a Username from your Friends list or write it down.
  5. Proceed with the payment options.