How many characters are in The Polar Express?

The way Tom Hanks portrays five characters in ‘The Polar Express’ is as magical as the movie. Can’t get enough Tom Hanks? Thanks to the magic of digital technology, the renowned actor portrays not one but five characters, from an 8-year-old boy to Santa Claus, in his newest movie, “The Polar Express.”

What is the girl’s name in The Polar Express?

While her is never referred to by name in the movie, The Art of the Polar Express, an art book related to the film, reveals her name to be Holly.

What is Hero Boy’s name in The Polar Express?

However, according to books containing information about The Polar Express, including art books and fact books, Hero Boy’s name is Chris, after the novel’s author, Chris Van Allsburg.

What 6 characters did Tom Hanks play in Polar Express?

The Polar Express (2004) – Tom Hanks as Hero Boy, Father, Conductor, Hobo, Scrooge, Santa Claus – IMDb.

Who played 6 roles in The Polar Express?

The film stars Tom Hanks, also one of the film’s executive producers, in multiple distinct roles, with Daryl Sabara, Nona Gaye, Jimmy Bennett, and Eddie Deezen in supporting roles….The Polar Express (film)

The Polar Express
Country United States
Language English
Budget $165–170 million
Box office $314.1 million

Who played the kids on Polar Express?


Character USA Fra
Hero Boy Daryl Sabara Jean-Philippe Puymartin
Hero Girl Nona Gaye
Conductor Tom Hanks Jean-Philippe Puymartin
Billy Peter Scolari

Why are there no names in the Polar Express?

Throughout the film, we only learn the names of two characters, Sarah, the main character’s younger sister, and Billy, one of the boys on the train. Even in the film’s credits, they are only listed as “Hero Boy” or “Hero Girl.” It is never made clear why the majority of the characters are nameless.

Who is the little black girl in Polar Express?

Nona Gaye
Character(s) Nona Gaye (born September 4, 1974) is an American singer, actress and former fashion model. She did the voice and motion capture for Hero Girl in the 2004 film, The Polar Express and the video game.