How many countries does Kashmir border?

It is bordered to the north and east by China (Xinjiang and Tibet), to the northwest by Afghanistan (Wakhan Corridor), to the west by Pakistan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab) and to the south by India (Himachal Pradesh and Punjab). The topography of Kashmir is mostly mountainous.

Which country owns most of Kashmir?

India controls approximately 55% of the land area of the region that includes Jammu, the Kashmir Valley, most of Ladakh, the Siachen Glacier, and 70% of its population; Pakistan controls approximately 30% of the land area that includes Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan; and China controls the remaining 15% of the land …

What are the boundaries of Kashmir?

Jammu and Kashmir, formerly one of the largest princely states of India, is bounded to the east by the Indian union territory of Ladakh, to the south by the Indian states of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab, to the southwest by Pakistan, and to the northwest by the Pakistani-administered portion of Kashmir.

Is Jammu bigger than Kashmir?

Whereas if we go by area, Jammu has larger area occupancy as compared to Kahmir. It is one of the factor which is against Jammu region. For an example even if a party wins majority in Jammu region, in no way it can be in majority at a state level.

What is the main religion in Kashmir?

The predominant religion of Kashmir valley is Islam. Muslims constitute more than 90% of the total population of Jammu and Kashmir. Even in Jammu, Kargil and some other districts, Islam forms a substantial part of the population. The Muslims are broadly divided into two sects – the Sunnis and the Shias.

How old is Srinagar?

The area was settled more than 2000 years ago in 3rd century BC by Raja Pravarsena. The area is the hub of the historical monuments made by the famous rulers of Kashmir.

What countries border Kashmir?

– Mahisasan railway station (Karimganj district, India) – Shahbazpur (Sylhet division) – Golokganj (Dhubri district) – Sonahaat (Rangpur Division) – Silchar Railway Mail Service (India) – independent of border (no border, inland LCS)

Where is Kashmir located on a map?

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  • Where is Kashmir on the map?

    Geography. A map of the disputed Kashmir region created by the US Central Intelligence Agency and hosted by the University of Texas-Austin Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection; altered to show new

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  • Where is Kashmir located in the world?

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