How many lines can a Cisco IP phone 7821 support?

● Cisco IP Phone 7821 supporting two lines (available in charcoal and white) ● Cisco IP Phone 7841 supporting four lines (available in charcoal and white) ● Cisco IP Phone 7861 supporting sixteen lines (available in charcoal and white) Figure 1. The line keys on each model are fully programmable.

What are the features of the IP phone 7821 and 7841?

It features a high-resolution 3.5” (396×162) greyscale display with white backlighting on the IP Phone 7821, 7841 and 7861, and a 3.2” (384 x106) display without backlighting on IP Phone 7811, for easy reading. Localized language support, including right-to-left onscreen text, meets the needs of global users.

Does Cisco 7821 support WebEx calling?

Cost-Effective, Simple Voice Collaboration. Get easy-to-use, highly secure, and highly cost-effective voice communications for small to large businesses. The 7821 is supported on Cisco on-premises, hosted, Webex Calling and third-party call control offer flexible deployment options*.

What license do I need to use Cisco IP phone 7811?

Licensing The Cisco IP Phone 7811 and 7821 require a Basic User Connect License (UCL) in order to connect to Cisco Unified Communications Manager. The Cisco IP Phone 7841 and 7861 require an Enhanced User Connect License (UCL) in order to connect to Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

What is the Cisco IP conference phone 7832?

The Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832 is ideal for your small conference rooms and private office desktops. With the 7832, you can increase business call efficiency and collaboration with cost-effective audio conferencing. Concerned about IP Phone Security?

What is the Cisco ir809?

The IR809 is Cisco’s smallest multimode 3G and 4G LTE wireless router, making it an excellent solution for distribution automation and remote asset management across multiple industrial vertical markets (Figure 1).

What are the Cisco 809 industrial integrated services routers?

The Cisco 809 Industrial Integrated Services Routers support the latest Third-Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Release 9 Category 3 and Category 4 LTE standards. The routers provide persistent, reliable LTE connectivity transparent hand-offs between LTE and 3G networks. The following models are available: