How many local train stations are there in Mumbai?

There are five major railway stations in Mumbai, of which Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Victoria Terminus) and Central Railway Station are the major ones.

Are local trains running in Mumbai?

Local trains in Mumbai were running at full capacity from Thursday, back to the pre-pandemic level after a gap of 19 months, although the Central and Western Railways have said that the existing coronavirus disease (Covid-19)-related protocols will remain in place for the general populace.

Can local people travel in Mumbai local train?

Mumbai: The Maharashtra government on Tuesday issued an order allowing the common people, irrespective of the nature of their jobs, who are vaccinated fully against COVID-19 to board suburban trains in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR).

Is Churchgate and Mumbai Central same?

Churchgate is located nearly north side to Mumbai Central Railway Station. The given north direction from Mumbai Central Railway Station is only approximate.

Is local train allowed for everyone?

Indian Railways has decided to allow everyone to board Mumbai Local train, irrespective of their profession. Earlier, only those with essential services and fully vaccinated were allowed to get the pass for boarding Mumbai local. But now, every passenger can board.

Is local train open for general public?

The state government earlier this week ordered that only fully vaccinated people, be it essential workers or the general public, will be allowed to travel via local trains and that no single-journey tickets will be issued.

Is Universal Pass required for local train?

Covid waves, new variants and unauthorized travel led the Maharashtra State Disaster Management Authority to introduce a Universal Travel Pass in association with the Indian Railways to check and ease local travel within Mumbai in trains and metro rails. This pass would be issued only to fully vaccinated travellers.

How many stations are there between Virar to Churchgate?

28 stations
Virar to Churchgate Timetable ( Slow trains) Below timings are for all the slow local trains from Virar to other end of Mumbai, i.e Churchgate, Stopping at all 28 stations.

What is the best thing about Mumbai local trains?

“The local trains system has created community networks that psychologically bind the city. This is peculiar to Mumbai. Commuting in Mumbai is hard and trains are regularly overcrowded. But, there is a richness in the human interactions in the trains that helps people get through the drudgery.

What is the price for a local train in Mumbai?

The ticket fare for non AC mumbai EMU train starts from 5 bucks and for AC EMU, it is expected to be around 60 to 70 bucks. Price to travel in a local train right? Or are you asking the price of buying an entire local train? The trains are the property of the government. The tickets fare range anywhere between 5 – 20 INR.

Do Mumbai local trains make profit?

Mumbai local trains are optimized to carry an average of 1,700 people per journey, but in actuality a train will carry almost 5,000 on average during peak hours (this fact is termed as Super Dense Crush Load). With a total of 7.5 million people in 2,342 trains that run daily, that means 2.7 billion people use the trains every year.

How to get a Mumbai local train pass?

– You can stand in queue at the train station. You will need a form of ID. – Via smart phone – download a mobile app called UTS. You need to create a wallet and store money in that and buy season tickets using this UTS app. – Via IRCTC website.