How many pieces of heart are in Minish Cap?

44 Pieces
Below is a listing of all 44 Pieces of Heart available in The Minish Cap, as well as a single, special, full heart container. This combined with the 3 hearts Link starts with, along with the 5 full heart containers obtained after each boss, allows his total health to increase to 20 hearts.

Where can I find heart pieces?

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD: Every Heart Piece – Complete Location List

  • Heart Piece 1 Location: Faron Woods.
  • Heart Piece 2 Location: The Lumpy Pumpkin.
  • Heart Piece 3 Location: The Sky.
  • Heart Piece 4 Location: Skyview Temple.
  • Heart Piece 5 Location: Eldin Volcano.
  • Heart Piece 17 Location: Skyloft – Knight Academy.

How do you get the heart piece in Castor Wilds?

Castor Wilds Shrink down on the second stump in the Wind Ruins area and descend all of the vines to the west and south, respectively. When you come to three vines, descend the one in the middle. Go through this cave maze to reach the Piece Of Heart. Fuse Kinstones with a random person to make a lily pad appear.

Can you get heart pieces with boomerang?

22 – There’s a heart piece near the waterfall at the end of Zora’s River. The easiest way is to just acquire the Boomerang in Jabu Jabu’s Belly and use it to snag the Heart Piece.

Can you dowse for heart pieces?

The arrow shows which direction an object is, and a beeping sound indicates how near you are. Dowsing can be used to find hearts when you are low on life once Fi activates the function. Dowsing is also necessary to advance in the game in some areas.

How do I get the Dampe Heart Piece?

It is hosted by Dampé and is located in Kakariko Village Graveyard. It can only be played in the past. The rewards Link receives upon completing the mini-game includes Rupees, and a Piece of Heart….Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour.

Games Ocarina of Time
Location Kakariko Village Graveyard
Owner Dampé
Cost 10 Rupees
Objective Unearth treasures

How do I get the Dampe heart piece?

What happens if you collect all Figurines in Minish Cap?

There are 130 normal Figurines available to get, and an extra six (referred to as the Final Series) are released when Link defeats Vaati. When Link collects the first 130 (or all 136 after defeating Vaati), he gains access to the Music House owned by Herb, which contains a Piece of Heart, Rupees, and the Phonograph.

How many pieces of heart are in the Minish Cap?

There are a total of forty-four Pieces of Heart available in The Minish Cap, as well as a single, special, full heart container.

Where is the second piece of heart in Minish village?

Heart Piece #2: Once you enter Minish Village head all the way to the northeast corner of the village, where you’ll find a blue-roofed house. Take the wooden path that’s on the top-right of this screen and it will lead you to a Piece of Heart.

How do you get the 35th piece of the heart?

Split into three using the tiles on the right and push the big block to the left, so you can grab the Piece of Heart. Heart Piece #35: Once you enter Veil Falls from North Hyrule Field, simply jump in the water and swim to the right a little bit.

Where can I find Gust Jar in Heart piece 3?

Heart Piece #3: In the first dungeon, Deepwood Shrine, once you beat the Madderpillar mini-boss, a Treasure Chest will appear, containing the Gust Jar. Use it at the bottom-right doorway to pull off the web and reveal a passage.