How many types of salute are there in India?

In India, the three forces have different salutes with the Indian Army and the Indian Navy following the British tradition. In the Indian army, the salute is performed by keeping the open palm forward, with fingers and thumb together and middle finger almost touching the hatband or right eyebrow.

How do Indian forces salute?

Open palm facing the person in front In the Indian Army, a salute is executed by an open palm gesture with the weapon hand, with fingers and thumb together and the middle finger almost touching the hatband or the eyebrow.

How do Indian Army officers salute?

How salute is performed in Indian Army? The personnel of the Indian Army executes the salute with an open hand, with the fingers & thumb together & the middle finger is almost touching the hatband or eyebrow.

Can we salute without cap in India?

In the army an officer or soldier would never salute bare-headed. A cap or beret is an essential requirement. Without one an army man will instead bring himself to attention and pull his arms downwards.

Can a civilian salute?

TLDR – Civilians should face the flag and place their right hand over their heart during the National Anthem. Saluting the flag is a gesture reserved for the military. While civilians can salute soldiers, many veterans consider it inappropriate or awkward.

What do Indian soldiers say when they salute?

Instead of a bland ‘Good Morning/Afternoon’ the Indian Army officers will now greet each other with a crisp salute accompanied with ‘Jai Hind’, immortalised by Subhas Chandra Bose as the battle cry for his Indian National Army.

Why is Navy salute different?

Salute with open palms shows that the person is not carrying any weapons and has no hidden intention and thus can be trusted. In Indian Navy, the salute is performed with the palm facing towards the ground at a 90-degree angle.

What are the types of salute?

There are several types of military salutes – the hand salute, the rifle salute at order arms, a rifle salute at right shoulder, and still another rifle salute at present arms. “Eyes Right” is another type of military salute which is rendered by troops in rank when passing in review.

Does army salute Navy officers?

Ever wonder who to salute and when? You are required to salute all commissioned officers, both male and female, of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, USPHS and NOAA.

Can a non military salute?

“Civilian personnel, to include civilian guards, are not required to render the hand salute to military personnel or other civilian personnel. “Salutes are not required to be rendered or returned when the senior or subordinate, or both are in civilian attire.”