How many watts is a Fender Princeton amp?

Legendary long-spring Fender reverb and tube vibrato. Includes Amp Cover and 2-Button Footswitch for Reverb and Vibrato On/Off….Product information.

Item Weight 40.1 pounds
Output Wattage 15
Size Princeton Reverb

Is the Princeton Reverb a good amp?

There’s a good reason why the ’65 Princeton Reverb is one of the most widely used studio recording amps in the world. They are famous for their clean tones, and we were not disappointed at all. When we kept the volume at practice/recording levels we got some of the most exceptional, chiming Fender tones.

What is the Fender Princeton sound?

Fender’s Princeton Reverb is an iconic tube amp that has been in production for almost 60 years. Intended to be a student and practice amp, the Princeton became widely popular among both professional and amateur players.

What tubes are in a Fender Princeton?

What tubes does a Princeton reverb have?

  • Preamp tubes: one 7025, two 12AX7, one 12AT7.
  • Output tubes: two 6V6GT, fixed-bias.
  • Rectifier: 5AR4 (blackface & reissue), GZ34 (blackface), 5U4GB (silverface)
  • Controls: volume, treble, bass, reverb, speed, intensity.
  • Output: 12 to 15 Watts RMS.

Why is it called Fender Princeton?

The Fender Princeton was a guitar amplifier made by Fender. It was introduced in 1947 and discontinued in 1979. After Fender introduced the Champ Amp in 1948, the Princeton occupied the next to the bottom spot in the Fender line.

Who uses Princeton amps?

The Princeton Reverb became a studio amp of choice for famous session guitarists in the 1970s, used, for example, to record theme songs for TV shows. Today, Ryan Adams; Marty Stuart; Jim Campilongo, guitarist for Norah Jones; and a slew of others still use it.

Which Princeton Reverb is best?

While the Princeton evolved over the years from the primitive “Woodie” version Leo Fender developed during the late Forties through the Princeton Recording Amp produced until 2009, the most coveted version remains the legendary blackface Princeton Reverb with the AA764 circuit produced from 1964-67.

What is a 7025 tube?

The Preferred Series 7025 is a high quality 12AX7 tube type. This tube is a reproduction of the highly regarded and sought after Mullards from the 1960s. This 7025 is a high quality and very rugged custom 12AX7 tube produced for us in China by the Shuguang factory.