How much are blue-eyed cats worth?

Khao Manees are rare and considered a newer breed outside of Thailand. Because of their rareness and the cost of importing, a Khao Manee kitten from a reputable breeder can set you back somewhere between $7,000–$11,000.

How much is an odd eyed cat worth?

How much does an odd eyed cat cost? An odd-eyed cat will usually cost the same as a cat with two eyes the same colour. Domestic shorthairs or longhairs can cost between $100 – $350, while purebred cats start from $800.

Are blue eyes rare cats?

Cats have some of the most beautiful eyes in the animal kingdom, but when they’re blue they’re particularly striking. Because they don’t develop eye pigmentation until they’re about six weeks old, all kittens are actually born with blue eyes, but it is rare to have them as adult cats.

What breeds of cats have blue eyes?

6 Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes

  • Siamese. Possibly the best known of the blue-eyed beauties, these cats display wide-set ears, a wedge-shaped head, and vivid blue eyes in deep contrast to their darker fur.
  • Balinese.
  • Himalayan Persian.
  • Birman.
  • Ojos Azules.
  • Javanese.

What are cats with 2 colored eyes called?

Once in a while, you’ll see a cat with a striking condition called heterochromia iridis, which means irises that are different colors. Also known as odd-eyed cats, these lovely kitties have two different colored eyes. They typically have one blue eye, and the other is either green, brown, or yellow.

Do orange cats have blue eyes?

#19 Orange tabbies usually have gold or green eyes Our Billy has pale gold, almost yellow eyes. But many orange tabbies have deep gold, or even green eyes. This colouring is also linked to pheomalanin. We’d be interested to hear about other eye colors in ginger cats, so let us know if your cat is different.