How much are Man Utd vs Man City tickets?

Manchester United vs Manchester City Ticket Prices 2020/2021

Event City Avg
Manchester United vs Manchester City Manchester £262
Manchester City vs Manchester United Manchester £266
Manchester United vs Manchester City Manchester £256
Manchester City vs Manchester United Manchester £222

How can I get tickets for a Manchester United match?

Match tickets for Premier League games at Old Trafford are sold exclusively to Official Members. If you are a Member already, you can check availability and purchase tickets when they are on sale at

Is it hard to get Manchester United tickets?

Getting tickets is generally not easy; the ballot is only for members (max 1 ticket per member). I’m a member and have been successful on only about 50% of applications this season. Small chance for top matches, good chance for lesser matches.

How much does a Manchester United game ticket cost?

How much are Manchester United FC tickets? Manchester United Soccer tickets normally start around $102. The average cost to watch the Red Devils battle for the EPL supremacy is usually about $307.

How much is a ticket to Old Trafford?

Guide Prices

Ticket Type Ticket Tariff
Adult £27.00 per ticket
Child (5-15) £15.00 per ticket
Over 65 £15.00 per ticket
Under 5s Free

How do I buy Man City tickets? is the place to be for all your Man City away tickets. We listed all available Manchester City tickets on this page. Scroll to the away match you’re wanting to visit and look for terms like “Man City section” or “Away end”.

Do you need to be a member to buy Man Utd tickets?

Yes, you need to buy membership – one member per ticket.

How much is a match ticket at Old Trafford?

Manchester United Ticket Prices by Season

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2020 Old Trafford £230
2019 Old Trafford £237
2018 Old Trafford £208
2017 Old Trafford £225

How much is ticket at Old Trafford?

Why are football tickets so expensive?

As described by Investopedia, the law of demand states that the higher the price, the lower the demand for an item will be and vice versa. Given that football stadiums have limited seating, the sellers are forced to raise prices to a point where only a few buyers capable of paying the additional charge can attend.

How much do Man Utd season tickets cost?

Teams of the Premier League ranked by most expensive season ticket in 2019/20 (in GBP)

Characteristic Ticket price in GBP
Manchester United 950
Manchester City 900
West Ham 899
Liverpool 869

How to buy tickets to a Manchester United match?

Select a match from the United fixtures list to view pricing and availability. Subsequently, you will get yo chose from the available categories and then secure your seats at Old Trafford from a secondary ticket marketplace. You will surely enjoy your Manchester United football experience with some of the biggest names in the world of football.

What is the nearest train station to Manchester United’s Stadium?

The nearest station is Manchester United Football Ground, this station is located immediately outside the away end. From Manchester Piccadilly Mainline Station, the train has a direct connection to Manchester Piccadilly Mainline Station. We would recommend the tram as the second-best option.

Why should you visit Manchester United Stadium?

This magnificent stadium, also known as the theatre of dreams and renowned for its brilliant atmosphere, is a guarantee in itself that you will have a great time at the ground. They have one of the biggest fanbase in the UK and worldwide. Indeed, wherever you go, you are bound to meet a Man United fan.

What is the capacity of Manchester United’s home stadium?

This has been Manchester United’s home stadium since 1910. Bobby Charlton once nicknamed the stadium “The Theatre of Dreams”. Old Trafford is the oldest and largest club stadium in the English Premier League. The capacity is momentarily around 75,000. Some existing plans for a second tier to the South Stand will raise the capacity to around 95,000.