How much are prawns at Billingsgate Market?

Our new and updated pricelist from next month December 2020 going towards the Christmas season. Fresh fish and seafood price list: *Fresh Jumbo king prawns £13 per kg. *Fresh king prawns £10 per kg.

Is fish cheaper at Billingsgate?

Examples of Fish Prices at Billingsgate Market Pricewise, the fish and seafood at Billingsgate are cheaper than you can find at fishmongers in London, and a lot fresher too.

Can the public visit Billingsgate Market?

When can the public go to Billingsgate? It’s open the professionals the public at all times and there is no charge to get in. However, Saturdays have become the most popular ‘public day’, where tourists and locals are the main customers. The market often stays open later on Saturdays to around 9am.

Do they clean fish at Billingsgate?

Generally, no. You will find some of the fish already clean, such as Whiting and Salmon but generally you will have to arrange descaling and cleaning when you get home. Still, the fish is the freshest you will find and its well worth it!

How much is parking at Billingsgate?

Payable ONLY in Office 40 by cash or card, Monday to Friday 7am – 2.30pm….Charges.

Vehicle type Price
Standard vehicles £2 per 2 hours maximum stay
Markets traders £2 per 2 hours maximum stay
Disabled badge holders Free​ (2 hours maximum stay)

Is Billingsgate market moving?

Billingsgate, Smithfield and New Spitalfields markets move to single site. Three of Britain’s biggest wholesale food markets are set to move to a riverside site in Dagenham after the City of London Corporation received planning approval to relocate them.

What day is best to visit Billingsgate?

Members of the public come to the market in hordes on a Saturday – so give yourself plenty of time to park, shop and choose. Friday is often a better day as it is less busy. The market opens at 4am and it is busy with wholesale buyers. We think the best time to come is around 6-6.30am.

What’s the best day to buy fish?

Shop on the busiest days if you want the most variety. However, if you are in the market for more specific species (e.g., Opah, sardines, Mahi) or the widest selection of fresh whole fish, your best bet is usually Thursday through Sunday.

Where do Billingsgate get their fish?

Every morning up to 150 species of fish and shellfish from all over the world arrive at London’s Billingsgate market. Fish from Cornwall, Scotland and all over the UK are brought by lorry overnight, while more exotic species arrive by air and are transported from Heathrow Airport.

What is the best time to go to Billingsgate market?

Choose your time The market opens at 4am and it is busy with wholesale buyers. We think the best time to come is around 6-6.30am. Merchants who don’t break up boxes of fish and focus on wholesale will be off the market by then.

Can you pay with card at Billingsgate Market?

Go as early as you possibly can. Some sellers now accept debit or credit cards. Cash is of course a lot better but be warned, there is no ATM on site, you will have to take a 3 min walk outside and across the main road.