How much does a LED dance floor cost?

Our LED dance floor rentals cost $25 per square foot including delivery, setup, and a lighting technician to run light programs during your event.

What are dance floor lights called?

An illuminated dance floor, LED dance floor or disco dance floor is a floor with panels or tiles that light up with different colours. They are used for dance.

What is the special dance floor called?

Marley Dance Floor
What Is a Marley Dance Floor? In the dance industry, the term “marley” describes just about any roll-out vinyl floor used as a dance floor. The moniker turns out to be a bit confusing, since it could mean any number of very different dance floors used for a variety of purposes.

How do you light a dance studio?

Most dance studios opt for fluorescent bulbs and combine it with natural light where applicable. Combine different light fixtures for the best results. A well-designed lighting plan for studios should have track lighting, sconces, and natural light for the best mix.

How much is a Marley floor?

A marley-type floor is quite expensive, about $16.25 per square foot. For an average dance studio space of 1,000 square feet, that’s over $16,000. The vinyl strips in a marley-type floor come in long rolls and are taped together with a special adhesive. The rolls are about five feet wide and 60 feet in length.

Why do dancers use Marley floor?

Best slip resistance/grip: Marley floors are the safest option for turns and jumps. No wood floor will ever be able to compare. Super easy installation: Roll it out, tape it out, and you’re done!

What is light dancing?

Light Dance is a conscious transfiguration of the body, its movement and the encompassing space; a transposition of matter to light exalted in the dance. This corresponds to the conceptualized spirit of the performer whose body is “consumed” by light.