How much does a set of PXG golf clubs cost?

One of the many reasons fueling such talk is the price of PXG clubs, with a full set costing close to $5,000.

Are PXG irons really good?

PXG 0211 DC Our take: The 0211 DC irons aren’t quite as blade-y as their ST counterparts, but they still offer a beautiful top-line look for confidence at address. “These irons feel so good. I wouldn’t change a damn thing about them,” one tester said.

Why do PXG clubs cost so much?

Although these clubs have the technology and performance to justify the pricing, you will find that a major reason they are expensive is simply that they are designed to be. From the start, this was meant to be a designer high-end premium brand.

Are PXG irons made in China?

PXG Golf clubs are made in the USA, and that’s where they should stay. PXG is a company founded by Bob Parsons, the founder of GoDaddy. The PXG headquarters is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Is PXG golf in trouble?

Arizona-based PXG never shut down and actually saw a notable uptick in its business, leading to the 2020 hiring of 151 new employees, mostly in the build shop. While other brands stopped or reduced orders, PXG doubled and tripled down.

Are PXG worth the money?

Many club golfers will find it difficult to justify paying between $2,400 – $5,000 for a set of golf clubs, particularly when there are other excellent brands available for less than half the price. Either way, PXG clubs are amongst the very best and are a great option if you can afford to buy them.

Are PXG clubs worth it 2021?

Conclusion. While the 0311 GEN3 irons still have tremendous appeal, particularly when it comes to customization, the PXG 0211 irons simply can’t be beat in terms of performance for the money. These irons can go toe-to-toe with their more expensive brethren on every important metric.

Are PXG irons overrated?

On a value for performance rating vs other clubs on the market, they are certainly overrated. I owned a set of Gen 1 0311P (screaming deal) and while they were nice they were not other worldly nice. After 5 rounds, I sold them and went back to my Mizuno 900F set.

Why are pros leaving PXG?

Changes at the top led to Billy Horschel and Chez Reavie departing PXG’s tour staff. The last few weeks have seen PXG’s tour staff undergo significant changes that started with Billy Horschel parting ways with the company on Feb.

How long does it take to get your PXG irons?

*”Shipping time” reflects transit time after the order leaves PXG. Please allow up to 48 hours for order processing….ORDERS & shipping.

Shipping Method Shipping Time* Rate
Ground 3-5 business days $60
2-Day 2 business days $125
Overnight 1 business day $175

Does PXG charge for fitting?

How Much is a PXG Fitting? A non-refundable fitting fee of $50 will be collected when you book your fitting appointment.