How much does a shinkansen ticket cost?

This pass allows the user to ride various trains, including the Shinkansen. The price for a seven-day pass is 29,110 yen. For comparison, the regular Shinkansen fare for a one-way, reserved seat from Tokyo to Osaka is 14,450 yen, so purchasing this Japan Rail Pass makes up for the cost of a round trip.

Are shinkansen tickets expensive?

It is rarely worth buying single tickets even if you’re planning to visit just 2 places. The cost of a round-trip from Tokyo to Kyoto costs 26,160 yen by Shinkansen train. This is almost the cost of a 7-day Japan Rail Pass (29,110 yen).

Can I buy shinkansen tickets at any JR station?

Shinkansen tickets can be purchased at any ticket office found at all major and many minor JR stations nationwide.

Can I use JR pass from Tokyo to Nagoya?

When traveling from Tokyo to Nagoya, the quickest option is to use the JR Tokaido Shinkansen, accessible using your JR Pass. You can start from Tokyo or Shinagawa Stations. Taking the Hikari train, you will reach Nagoya in less than two hours, and if taking the Kodama train, your trip will last about three hours.

What is the cheapest bullet train in Japan?

The JR Pass is the most cost-effective way to travel around Japan for most visitors. The pass offers unlimited access to all JR public transport including Shinkansen bullet trains, buses, ferries, and airport transfers, for a very cheap, discounted price. A 7-day JR Pass only costs around 29,000 yen.

How do I purchase a lift ticket for Gala Yuzawa ski resort?

You can purchase a one-day lift ticket for GALA Yuzawa Ski Resort at a special price by presenting the season pass of each affiliated ski resort. Please present the season pass of each ski resort at the ticket counter inside GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort Ski Center “Cowabunga” before purchasing.

How much does the shinkansen ticket cost?

Shinkansen Ticket Online Booking : Tokyo to Shin-Osaka for Adultfrom¥18,530. Shinkansen Ticket Online Booking : Tokyo to Nagoya for Adultfrom¥14,940. Shinkansen Ticket Online Booking : Tokyo to Hiroshima for Adultfrom¥23,480. Shinkansen Ticket Online Booking : Tokyo to Karuizawafrom¥9,410.

What is the best Shinkansen train in Japan?

For the most popular line, Tokaido Shinkansen, Nozomi train is the fastest one which stops at major stations, such as Tokyo, Shinagawa, Nagoya, Kyoto, Shin-Osaka, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka. Hikari train stops more stations and Kodama stops all stations.