How much does Chicago Cultural Center cost?

Current Building Hours: Exhibition galleries begin closing 15 minutes prior to building closing. Tickets are not required for entry into the building or exhibitions. Admission is free.

Is Chicago Cultural Center free?

The Chicago Cultural Center offers FREE events, performances and exhibitions year-round.

When was the Chicago Cultural Center?

Chicago Cultural Center

Location 78 E. Washington St., Chicago, IL
Coordinates 41°53′2″N 87°37′30″W
Built 1893
Architect C. A. Coolidge, Robert C. Spencer
Significant dates

Can you take pictures in the Chicago Cultural Center?

Tip For Photographers If you are a photographer and are considering using this location, make sure you have enough lighting for the shoot. Chicago cultural center is fairly dark and you will definitely need some sort of lighting. In my case I had 1 flash with 40″ umbrella on a monopod that was held by my assistant.

What is the white dome in Chicago?

The City of Chicago commissioned Wight to oversee the restoration of the world’s largest Louis Comfort Tiffany art-glass dome, designed by Tiffany’s chief mosaicist, Jacob A. Holzer, in 1897.

What is the purpose of a cultural center?

That is the primary purpose of a cultural center: to teach the community about a culture through the use of events, festivals, and workshops. The entire community is better for it. These centers are a great way to understand others within your community.

Who can legally marry a couple in Illinois?

You may choose a judge, certain public officials, or a religious official to “officiate,” meaning to perform your ceremony. Your officiant must complete the certificate confirming that your ceremony has been performed, and forward it to the county clerk within 10 days of your marriage.

What was the original purpose of the Chicago Cultural Center?

About the Chicago Cultural Center Completed in 1897 as Chicago’s first central public library, the building was designed to impress and to prove that Chicago had grown into a sophisticated metropolis.