How much does it cost to go on the Block Island Ferry?


Adult One Way $31.25
Priority Adult One Way $37.00
Adult Same Day Round Trip $59.00
Adult Different Day Round Trip $62.50

Is there a ferry to Block Island from CT?

Block Island Express: Connects New London, CT and Old Harbor, Block Island in just over one hour on a high-speed catamaran. The terminal in New London is located next to the train station and limited parking is available with a municipal garage across the street. This ferry runs May through September only.

How long is Block Island ferry ride?

55 minute
Based in Point Judith, (Narragansett), Rhode Island, the Block island Ferry offers Traditional ferry service, (55 minute voyage) as well as the fastest ferry trip from the mainland on the High speed ferry service, (30 minute cruise).

Where does the Block Island ferry drop you off?

Pt. Judith: The ferry terminal for our year-round Traditional and seasonal Hi-Speed ferries departing Pt. Judith is located in the fishing port of Galilee (Narragansett, RI). Physical address is 304 Great Island Road, Narragansett, RI 02882.

How long is the Cross Sound ferry?

DEPARTURE. Sailing Time is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes on our auto ferries. Sailing Time is approximately 40 minutes on our HIGH SPEED ferry.

Is alcohol allowed on Block Island beaches?

Police Chief Vincent Carlone was on hand Wednesday night to help shepherd the Town Council’s adoption of a law banning alcohol from Block Island beaches — be it in open or closed containers.

Can you pitch a tent on Block Island?

You cannot camp on BI. I have slept on the beach before but it was without a tent, just a blanket. Lots of mosquitoes and very uncomfortable. I wouldn’t recommend it.

How many cars can fit on the Cross Sound Ferry?

50 automobiles
The vessel can accommodate up to 50 automobiles and 300 passengers and offers all of the amenities Cross Sound travelers have come to enjoy.

How long is the Cross Sound Ferry from Orient Point to New London?

40 minutes
Enjoy our high-speed passenger-only service, crossing between New London, CT and Orient Point, NY in just 40 minutes. Comfortable seating, a state-of-the-art ride control system, and Cross Sound Deli amenities make it as comfortable a ferry ride as you’ll find anywhere!