How much does it cost to go up to Empire State Building?

There are four kinds of Empire State Building tickets, each offering a unique experience. To visit the Main deck on the building’s 86th floor, you need to buy the Standard ticket, which costs $45.73 for an adult. If you want to skip all the lines, you must buy an Express Entry ticket, which costs $85 for all visitors.

What is better Empire State or Top of the Rock?

Height of both observatories At 320 meters (1050 feet), the 86th-floor observation deck on the Empire State Building is slightly higher than the Top of the Rock. Its observatory on the 102th-floor is at 381 meters (1,250 feet), making it even higher than Top of the Rock.

Is it worth going to the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building?

Not worth it at all. The windows ARE dirty and there is ONE elevator. The lines are terrible. There is nobody keeping control of the lines to go to the 102nd floor and the exit back down from the 86th floor which is the first stop.

Can you stay in the Empire State Building?

Guests will have all-night, private access to the Empire State Building’s observation deck, and will bed down in an exclusive suite on the 80th floor. Of course, an evening at the Empire State Building comes with a typical Big Apple-sized price tag: a cool $1,500 for the night.

Is it worth going to 102 floor Empire State Building?

Yes it worth it, the $$ will be spent anyways, might as well go to the very top, ask why it was built, and tell everyone when you get home, “I DID GO TO THE TOP FLOOR of the Empire State Building” so yes do it!!

What is the average wait time for the Empire State building?

Being one of the most visited buildings in New York City, The Empire State Building draws a large crowd through the year. This results in a wait time of about 45 minutes to 1 hour on an average.

What is the difference between 86th and 102nd floor Empire State Building?

Empire State Building’s 102nd floor Situated at 381 meters (1,250 feet), the 102nd-floor observatory is the highest visitors can go in the Empire State Building. This enclosed viewing platform is sixteen stories above the 86th-floor observation deck and accessed through a one-of-a-kind glass elevator.