How much does it cost to visit Jamestown Settlement?

General Admission Rates – January 1, 2022 – June 30, 2022

Jamestown Settlement Combination Ticket
Adults Youth Adults
$18.00 $9.00 $28.90

Do you have to pay to walk around Jamestown?

There is no fee to walk around, however, you cannot go inside the buildings. We just walked around, but DID do Jamestown Settlement and it’s sister museum in Yorktown (discount for doing both) and they were phenomenal! You go to the museums and then walk the grounds.

Is Jamestown Settlement free?

Both the historical site and recreation site, Jamestown Settlement, have fees. Historic site with archeological sites is $14/adult; the settlement is $17/adult.

How long does Jamestown Settlement take?

We recommend you plan at least two hours for your visit, but many visitors end up staying longer when they see how much history is actually here. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes as the Historic site is about three-quarters of a mile long. There are shade trees and benches along some of the pathways.

Can you go to Colonial Williamsburg for free?

The Colonial Williamsburg Historic Area is open to the public for free, but you do need a ticket to get into any of the historical sites or trade shops. Open sites have a flag posted out in front. Make sure to pick up a map and daily schedule at the Visitor’s Center to help you plan your day.

Can you visit Jamestown and Yorktown in one day?

You do need at least two days to get the full experience, but three are recommended. As you make your plan, consider the driving time between sites, which can be up to 40 minutes. We recommend doing Yorktown and Jamestown in the same day, and then doing Colonial Williamsburg on its own day.

What is free at Jamestown?

Free admission includes general admission and special exhibitions at Jamestown Settlement and the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown. Separate ticketed programs do not qualify for free admission. Learn more and visit the two museums!

What is the difference between Jamestown Settlement and Historic Jamestown?

Historic Jamestowne is the location of the fort, originally settled in 1607. It is run by the National Park Service. The Jamestown Settlement is a privately-owned interpretive center. It is on Jamestown island but is not the site of the original fort.

Can you do Jamestown and Yorktown in one day?

Which is better historic Jamestown or Jamestown Settlement?

The actual historic site can be found just down the road at Historic Jamestowne. However, if you are visiting with kids, the Jamestown Settlement is more visual and hands on, and provides a great introduction to the area’s history.

How much are carriage rides in Colonial Williamsburg?

Carriage Ride in Colonial Williamsburg $12.50 with admission pass, $20.00 without pass. When in Williamsburg, do as the colonists would do and take a carriage ride through the Historic District. Carriage rides last approximately 15 minutes and give you an overview of the area.

How did Jamestown get settled?

Colonization of the Americas.

  • Disastrous early years.
  • Pocahontas&John Smith.
  • The “starving time” Although the colony had been resupplied,along with 100 new settlers,in January 1608,the settlers hit another low in the winter of 1609-1610,a period that
  • Improving fortunes.
  • First representative assembly&first slaves.
  • An attack too late.
  • New Towne.
  • How did Jamestown Settlement survive the first two years?

    The colony of Jamestown survived a period referred to as “The Starving Time” in the winter of 1609 A.D. by consuming domestic and work animals as well as resorting to cannibalism.

    Why to settle on Jamestown?

    why Europeans had the resources/interest to colonize a new world,while the Algonquians lacked draft animals,the wheel,metals,and writing

  • why the English,rather than some other culture,populated Virginia
  • why the English created a successful colony in Virginia rather than abandoned it in failure
  • What was Jamestown motives for settlement?

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